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Tiny Bernedoodle Dog Breed Information & Pictures


The Tiny bernedoodle is the cross between the toy Poodle and the mini Bernedoodle. Tiny Bernedoodles are an F1B cross, 75 percent of the toy poodle and 25 percent of the Bernese Mountain Dog.

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Appearance of Tiny Bernedoodle


The tiny bernedoodle’s weight can be between 10 to 25 pounds. The size of the puppy depends on the dam and sire. The puppies will be of more weight (20-40 pounds) if an F1 mini Bernedoodle is crossed with a mini Poodle. The puppies will be of less weight (10-20 pounds) if an F1 mini Bernedoodle is crossed with a toy Poodle.

The full-grown tiny bernedoodle’s size is equal to that of the mini bernedoodle.


Being an F1B cross and having more of the Poodle non-shedding gene, the tiny bernedoodle is thought to be non-shedding as well. As being 25 percent of the Berner, it loses the wavy appearance of the coat, and tiny bernedoodles will have the coat with more curly appearance. You can see tight, lose and wavy curls in tiny bernedoodles.

Coat Color

The tiny bernedoodle has many different colors, like the other bernedoodle crosses. Mini micro or tiny bernedoodle can be of a single solid color,bi-color or a tri-color with different combinations of colors. Sable, merle, black, black and white, cream, chocolate, and phantom are some examples.

tiny bernedoodle images

Taking Care


The tiny bernedoodles are of energetic, calm and high-strung temperament. They feel happy when they are with people and get attention from them.


Tiny bernedoodle requires about half an hour of daily exercise as they are moderately active dogs. They can adjust their self in hot and cold weather. Tiny bernedoodles will spend enough time on your lap as they are lap dogs.


If we talk about grooming, tiny bernedoodle is a comparatively easy keeper. If little or zero shedding, it requires the higher maintenance of the dog. They need to be brushed three times a week and trim every six-eight weeks. The grooming level also depends on the gene of the dog ;

More Poodle Genes:  Less Grooming requirements

More Bernese Genes: More Grooming requirements

If the coat is more curly, more grooming will be required. You should regularly check your bernedoodle’s coat.

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Training a Tiny Bernedoode

The tiny bernedoodle are smart, intelligent and calm just like standard bernedoodle and mini bernedoodle. It means that you can train the tiny bernedoodles with a little effort. Tiny bernedoodle don’t need many efforts because they learn quickly. So, we can say that tiny bernedoodles are comparatively easy to train dogs.

Tiny Bernedoodles and Children

The tiny bernedoodles are very good with children of the family. They are famous as an ideal partner dog for people with disabilities. As tiny bernedoodles are small, so you should teach your children, how to handle the little puppy, it is better for the Bernedoodle puppies.

Buying a Tiny Bernedoodle


The cost of the tiny bernedoodle depends on the region, breeder and the health of the Bernedoodle puppies. The price of the tiny bernedoodle is more than standard and mini bernedoodle. The cost price of the tiny bernedoodle can be 4000-5000$.

Picture Credit: NorthRidgeGolden, Reddit

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