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The Mini bernedoodle is the combination of Bernese Mountain Dog (Standard) and the Mini Poodle. The size, color, and coat of the mini bernedoodles depend on that of the Dam and Sire ( Berner and Mini Poodle respectively). The people who like that type of dogs, but they want this breed in small size, should try this breed. Bernedoodles became popular because their damsires are also very popular purebreds. The main advantage of the crossing of these dog breeds is the decreased shedding. When two different breeds are crossbred, the goal of the breeder is to generate a new balanced breed having the best qualities of both breeds. A mix breed dog is comparatively better than the purebred, same case is of Mini Bernedoodle. Bernedoodle is also a healthy breed. Mini bernedoodle inherits the intelligence of the Poodle and the temperament of the Berner Parents. Sometimes they inherit the Poodle’s attributes and sometimes they seem like the Bernese.

mini bernedoodle picture

Origin of the Mini Bernedoodle

Having a look at the origins and characteristics of their parents, Bernese Mountains dog, and the Poodle will give the better idea about the Mini Bernedoodles.

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Origin of Bernedoodle’s Dam and Sire

Origin of the Bernese Mountain Dog

Some other names of Bernese mountain dog are Burner, Berner sennenhund or Bernese cattle dog. It is one of the four types of Swiss mountain dogs from the farmlands of Switzerland. It was bred as a working dog, as a guard and to pull carts.

Origin of the Poodle

The other names of Poodle are Pudelhund and Caniche. It is a companion dog and is very intelligent. The poodle can be trained very easily. It is one of the oldest dog breeds originated in Germany. The mini and toy versions were originated later for different purposes.

Origin of the Mini Bernedoodle

Bernedoodles were first bred by Sherry Rupke of SwissRidge Kennels in 2003 in Ontario, Canada. Mini bernedoodles were later bred by her too.

Temperament of Mini Bernedoodle

Mini bernedoodles are friendly and loving and intelligent. They can be trained and taught good habits. Mini bernedoodles are very good with pets and children. They do very well when they are with their family and given proper time and intention. Mini bernedoodles may show some shyness when introduced to the strangers, so early socialization is very important in the case of mini bernedoodles. Every day walk outside the home is a better option for mini bernedoodle to get them moving. Mini Bernedoodles don’t bark unnecessarily.

Taking Care

Training a Mini Bernedoodle

Mini bernedoodles can be trained easily if enough time is given because they are very intelligent. You can train them teaching good habits, but ignored and not given proper time, they may learn bad habits. So, it is recommended to start the training and daily exercise in early age.

The health of Mini Bernedoodles

Mini bernedoodle is comparatively a healthy breed. They don’t have many health problems and diseases. They tend to be healthier than their parents Still, you must visit regularly to your veterinarian for a checkup of your pet. You must be very careful about their health. Hip and elbow dysplasia are some minor health concerns of the bernedoodles, the owner must be careful about.

Coat and Grooming

Their coat is wavy or curly. The coat can be tri-colored, black, white or brown. The coat is long like the Berner. There is less shedding in mini bernedoodles, but we still recommend the daily brushing. The coat must be groomed every 8 to 14 weeks. Also, brush their teeth and trim the nails regularly.


Mini bernedoodles require enough amount of exercise. The daily walk, hiking, and swimming are also good for the bernedoodles.

Height and Weight

The size of the mini bernedoodle depends on the size of Poodle that is crossbred with the Berner. In mini bernedoodles, there is a large variety of sizes. Usually, mini bernedoodle is 10 to 15 inches tall.

The weight of the mini bernedoodle can be between 15 to 17 pounds.

mini bernedoodle picture

Mini Bernedoodle Price

The price of the bernedoodle puppies depends on the country(region), color, and the health of the pet. Mini bernedoodles of the good health and charming colors are of more price. However, if you adopt the mini bernedoodle instead of purchasing, it will be cheaper.


What is the average lifespan of Mini Bernedoodle?

The lifespan of the mini bernedoodle is about 10 to 15 years.

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Photo Credits Cristian Jordache, Rocky Mtn Bernedoodles/Flickr