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Bernedoodle Health Issues and their Treatment


The Bernedoodle comparatively a healthy dog breed. There are not too many reports reported related to bernedoodle health. The crossbreed of Berners (Bernese mountain dog) and Poodle should produce the pups that are healthier than their both parents. However, I still recommend you to have a look at the major health concerns of the parent dogs of the Bernedoodle. As it is a new breed, so no breed-specific issues or serious bernedoodle health concerns have been found or reported by the dog breeder or owner yet. There is a limited information available about bernedoodle health issues. They are healthier than their parent dogs. They can be prone to skin problem, bloat, hip and elbow dysplasia, and eye problems. Other common dog health diseases can also be found in the bernedoodles. Genetic testing can reduce the health problems of the bernedoodles.

bernedoodle health


Dog TypeGenetic Tests
BernersElbow, Eyes, Hips, Von Willebrand Disease
PoodleThyroid, Heart, Eyes, Hips
Mini PoodleHips, Von Willebrand, Eyes

Von Willebrand Disease

Von Willebrand Disease is a genetic disorder that causes heavy or long-lasting bleeding. It is the result of the insufficient amount of von Willebrand factor (vWF), which help the blood to clot. Symptoms of Von Willebrand Diseases or spontaneous bleeding from gum, vagina, wound, or during the surgery.

bernedoodle health


This disease is also known as gastric distillation. When the stomach becomes swollen because it is full of food, water, gas or fluid. Bloat is very dangerous for dog and can cause death.

Elbow and Hip dysplasia

Elbow and the hip dysplasia means that the abnormal formation of the joint is not normal. It can be painful for your pet.

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Bernedoodle Health concerns Inherited from the Parents

As, bernedoodle is a cross breed, so there is a less chance of genetically inherited health concerns. It is predicted that bernedoodle will not inherit the diseases of the Poodle. There are almost no instances of cancer in the Bernedoodles, like the Berners. Some genetic health concerns have been reported, but none of them was dangerous. Bernedoodle may get cancer, but no case has been reported yet by breeders or by the dog owners.

The Bernedoodle breeders claim that the first reason of cross-breeding Poodle with Bernese mountain dog was the elimination of the bernedoodle health problem, which were common in the parent dogs, and produce a healthy dog breed. All breeds have the possibility to be affected by a certain number of health diseases. Also, different bernedoodle types have different health problems.

Mini bernedoodle and F1b bernedoodle are more likely to be affected by immune diseases and digestive system problems as Poodle because they are more Poodle and less Bernese mountain dog. Also, F1 bernedoodles are least likely to display serious and life-threatening health issues, as they are fifty percent poodle and fifty percent, Berner.

If you are going to buy a bernedoodle puppy, make sure that the breeder had done a number of tests of both parents and the puppies, and also ask for the evidence. It will ensure that the pups don’t have any serious health concerns. Make sure that the breeder has invested enough amount of money finding healthy breed and also on the genetic tests. The dog will be costly but will be healthy and also decreases the veterinarian’s bill.

It is not possible for someone to foretell that the dog will suffer from any disease or not, or how healthy the breed will be throughout their lifetime. Proper diet, exercise and regular visits to the veterinarian can make the puppy healthier and happier. That’s what we can do for our pooch.

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