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4 Ways to Calm a Hyper Dog


If your dog seems over-excited or hyper, the problem may be that he is doing it because he is bored or due to a lack of stimulation. So to get to the root of the problem, you have to calculate the way you are interacting with your dog and the kind of activity your dog gets daily. Here are some of the renowned and simple techniques that will help you in calming your hyper dog.

1. Never encourage them:

When dogs are excited, don’t consider that they are happy. It is very easier to mistake these display of affection as excitement. We all think that it is cute when our dog is overly excited and happy. If you give attention to such a dog, then it will encourage them to do this behavior more frequently. You give your dog an idea that you are impressed by his act and he will keep on doing it to satisfy you.

In such cases, the best approach is not to react at all or ignore them completely. If you give them the silent treatment, then they will eventually know that this behavior is not acceptable and they will restrain from doing it.

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2. Promote Calm Behavior:

It is opposite to the first step. The suitable time to give your dog some love and affection is when they are settled into a submissive state of calm and communication. By doing this, you are telling them that this is the type of behavior that is expected of them.

calm dog

It will set them straight, and they will know that if they want to love, then they should behave calmly. By following this technique, your dog will be well aware of what makes you happy and how he can gain your attention.

3. Give your dog a workout:

If your dog is hyper, then the best way to calm them down is by giving them a workout. At times the best therapy to calm them down is to wear them down altogether. This is the only reason why dog owners are advised to take their dogs out to walk daily. When a dog is doing a regular walk, then their excessive energy is consumed which helps them in calming them more naturally. It is another necessary training and socializing tool.

When you give your dog food and shelter when they come back tired after all the walking, then you are giving them an idea that they have earned it. Naturally, the dog starts to associate this with the reward of getting food afterward and they become more obedient and calm. If you leave your dog in your backyard and let them wander around that will also help them relieve themselves, and they will become less hyper.

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4. Calm yourself:

This is the same as the above two tips. Your dog will always pick up your positive aspects, and they will try to provide it through their behavior. If you are a dog owner, then you must have noticed that there are certain gestures which your dog is well aware of and when you make these gestures in front of them then they know that is playtime or food time.

Hyper dog

When you shout “NO” or any other abusive word to your dog, then they can feel the disapproval in your voice. Stay calm and in control is what you should practice when you are interacting with your dog. If you try to give your dog the respect they deserve, then they will surely become your loyal companion.

Pictures credits: Pixabay.com