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Bernedoodle Diet Nutrition and Vitamin Information


If your Bernedoodle’s diet is balanced and healthy, it is good for your Bernedoodle’s health. The bernedoodle diet is individualized, and it depends on the size, age, activity level and type of the bernedoodle. Bernedoodles are known as the voracious eaters; it means that they eat whatever you put in front of them. So you should be very careful about it. The right idea is to monitor what they like to eat and how much they eat. Also, compare that how much they are gaining? Then, try to increase or decrease accordingly with the recommendation of your vet. Also, ask your vet about other food recommendations that can be suitable for your dog.

If your dog’s diet contains meat or other animal parts, it is healthier, but try giving them these meals semi-boiled. Meat is right for them, but try giving them a low-protein food, as of some vets opinion that high protein can affect the dog’s coat.

Bernedoodle puppies need to develop a healthy heart, nerves, lungs, and a robust immune system. The young bernedoodles requires a proper amount of vitamin, a robust immune system, mineral balance, and healthy metabolism. Senior Bernedodles need food that helps in proper digestion, healthy joints, nerve function and resistance to diseases. So, the owner should ask his or her veterinarian for the diet of the bernedoodle; the vet will tell you the menu according to the age and type of the Bernese montain dog Poodle-mix.

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Bernedoodles pictures

Rice (Brown and White)

Rice, both brown and white has individual benefits for dog nutrition. If you are going to add rice as your dog’s diet, give them white rice because it is easier to digest and chew and comfortable to cook. Also, it is cheaper than brown rice.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese contains a high amount of calcium and protein. It can be mixed with other dog’s food. The best combination of your bernedoodle’s daily diet will be;

10% = Cottage Cheese

Other 90% = Other Diet


Tofu is also good food for the bernedoodles, but the vets don’t recommend it. You should not rely on Tofu as a single protein source for your bernedoodle.

Boiled Potato

Raw potatoes contain solanine. It is toxic to the dogs, so you should not feed the bernedoodle with raw potatoes. However, sharing the cooked potato with your bernedoodle will be better.


Pets love pumpkin due to its sweet taste. It is very beneficial if your dog is facing any digestive problem. Pumpkin contains fiber and beta-carotene, the body converts it to the vitamin A.

Other food types of foods for bernedoodles or any dog breeds are following. Each meal had its benefits.

  • Dry kibble
  • Canned Dog Food
  • Organic food
  • Raw food
  • Natural diets

Standard Bernedoodle’s Diet

A big dog, like the standard bernedoodle, needs approximately four to five cups of dry dog food daily. To grow healthy, active and strong they need proper nutrition. As, the bernedoodle is the large dog, almost the size of the Bernese Mountain Dog, so the same diet will be OK for them as well. For the protein source, you can choose rice. Boiled potatoes, pumpkin, and yogurt are also healthy foods that dogs like to eat find out more here. The other sources that are for both flavor and health are cooked liver, tofu, boiled chicken, baby food, and turkey.

Mini and Tiny Bernedoodle’s Diet

The same food discussed for Standard bernedoodles can be given to the mini Bernedoodle and tiny bernedoodle. The amount will differ according to their size.

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