Simple tips for crate training a dog


Why Crate training is important?

It is essential for a dog to be crate trained. A crate is a place which proves to be a safe heaven for dogs and owners feel quite satisfied if their dog likes to rest in it; it means that their dog is safe from home hazards. However, training your dog actually to stay in the crate can be quite difficult a task. But this too can be overcome if you follow all these simple things.

crate training



How to crate train a dog?

The most important thing that you need to realize as a dog owner is that a dog crate matters a lot when wanting to get your dog crate trained. You have to know that the right crate for the right dog can create a big difference.

Choose a crate that is just the right size for your dog. Keep in mind that your dog should be able to lean, stretch and stand in the crate properly for it wanting to spend time in the crate. It is up to you to choose a metal wired crate or a plastic one.

If you have a puppy, then you might find yourself investing in different crates as the puppy grows up, but metal wired crates are preferred for big dogs. Or you can buy a big crate and keep it small by using a crate divider, but that might not work out either sometimes.

For your dog to know that being in the crate can be a time he enjoys, place a blanket and make amendments to the crate to make your dog comfortable. Plastic crates are already dark whereas you can make metal crates dim by placing a blanket on the top.

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Some other helpful instructions

crate training

You want your dog to value its crate. This can be done very quickly if you start feeding your dog inside the crate. Make crate training fun and enjoyable for your dog. Frozen treats are preferred by many people for this activity. This will help the dog to relate to the crate for amazing things – like food. Not only this but you can also put chew toys and other things that your dog likes to play with just so that he doesn’t feel alone when he is in the crate.

It is always wise to not take the stress, then how can you be the reason a dog becomes stressed? Don’t put the dog through excessive crate training hours that it might be unable to cope with it. There’s a thumb rule that a dog should be crate trained for the number of hours that is the dog’s age in months plus one.

So a six-month-old puppy should be trained for 7 hours in total. But one should always be cautious and start with little steps. Try first with the crate door locked for 3 minutes while distracting your dog with a treat.

Where you place the crate in your home is very important too. A crate is like a den for a dog, and he should feel secure. Don’t keep the crate in the busy parts of the house for it can make the dog not wanting to spend time in it at all. Keep it in a quiet place which helps your dog to relax.

Crates do not only help in dogs from not damaging your home, but they ensure that your dog is safe and confined when not supervised. It is also recommended that you start crate training them the first time you get them as a pup. This will not only help them get trained faster but will make life easier for you as well!