Pomsky grooming

Pomsky Grooming – Grooming tips for Pomeranian Husky mix


Pomsky ‘Pomeranian Husky mix’ dogs are known as high maintenance dogs if we talk about the Pomsky grooming. Taking your Pomsky ‘a popular designer dog breed’ to a groomer can be costly because you are already spending money on your Pomsky’s food, health, and other expenses. Now if you can care for your dog, then it can save you some money. Also if you are caring for your dog, brushing coat, bathing and cleaning his ears and eyes, it will increase love between you and your Pomsky. The dog will think that you care about him. It is recommended to introduce the Pomsky puppies to all the necessary tools in early age.

Brushing coat

Pomskies have a fluffy and smooth coat. Regular brushing the coat of your Pomsky has several benefits. It makes the coat clean, tidy and tangle-free. Brushing removes the dead hairs and improves the blood flow. Regular brushing keeps Pomsky’s coat in shape. Pomsky dogs shed a lot in spring and autumn. If you do not want their hairs on the mattress and bed, then brush the pooch regularly so that the dead hairs come out. You must spend some time to brush the coat of your Pomsky dog. Brushing can help to detect fleas. Professional Pomsky grooming after some time is necessary.

pomsky grooming

How to brush coat of Pomsky (Tips)

  • Use a bristle brush so that the brush does not injure the skin.
  • Brush gently and do not push/pull the brush too hard.
  • When you see fleas, remove them.
  • Brush down to the surface.
  • Brush from the back to head.


Bathing your Pomsky is not a difficult job and can be fun if you do in the right way. Showering too frequently can be harmful to coat oil, and the coat may look flaky and dry. Some breeds need shower frequently like every two weeks and some after a month and a half period. Some factors determine after how much time, you must bath your doggie like, weather, how much time he spends outside and coat type.

pomsky bath

How to bath Pomsky (Tips)

  • You will need a tub for this purpose.
  • Use the warm water.
  • Remove all dead hairs, and mats from the coat.
  • It is recommended to put cotton balls in Pomsky ears so that shampoo and water remain outside.
  • Use special dog shampoo.
  • Gently wash their skin, apply shampoo and clean from head to bottom.
  • Use a blow dryer to dry you Pomsky.
  • All done.

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Cleaning ear and Eyes

If the Pomsky’s eyes or ears are dirty, it can be the reason for painful infections and hearing problems. To prevent these problems, regularly wash the dog’s ears and eyes. The cotton balls or cloth, ear cleaning solution, and scissors can be used for this purpose.

Pomsky grooming


  • Trim the unnecessary hairs around the eyes by using the scissors.
  • Use a cotton ball and eye cleaning solution to remove dust and dirt around the eyes.
  • Try to clean the tear stains around the eyes.
  • Rub the cotton ball gently as the eyes are most sensitive and organ.


  • Trim all the unnecessary hairs around the ears.
  • Wipe the dust or dirt using the wet cotton balls.
  • Clean dry debris.
  • Avoid putting anything inside the ears.

Brushing Teeth

Dogs prone to the teeth diseases like tooth decay and gum diseases if we do not care about brushing their teeth as they can put anything in their mouth. They can have bacterial infections and smelly breath if the owner is too careless. Brush your Pomsky’s teeth regularly and reduce vet trips and save your time and money.

How to brush teeth of Pomsky (Tips)

  • Use the pet toothpaste and Toothbrush specially designed for pets.
  • Try rubbing their teeth gently with your fingers before brushing.
  • To make the doggie familiar with the taste, first apply the toothpaste on Pomsky’s lips first.
  • Use a soft toothbrush.
  • Don’t use the normal (used by a human) toothbrush or toothpaste.

Teething period

When your Pomsky puppy is six months old, its birth teeth will fall one by one. These teeth will be replaced by the 42 adult teeth. Give your puppy some toys specially designed for the teething period to chew. These toys will reduce the discomfort in the teething period.

Nail care

Nail care and trimming is also an essential part in Pomsky grooming. Small dog breeds like the Pomsky require trimming nail more often as compared to larger dog breeds. If you do not trim the nails, they will become ingrown. It can be painful for your pooch. It is recommended to trim your Pomsky’s nails every fortnight. If you want your Pomsky not to create problems while you are trimming his nails, then begin the process slowly. After trimming one nail, praise him and give him treat as a reward. If the dog’s nails are long, the dogs can destroy the sofas and clothing. The dog can also injure you and himself.


Pomsky grooming

How to take care of Pomsky’s nails (Tips)

  • Clean their paws before trimming the nails.
  • Hold your Pomsky firm so that he cannot move.
  • Cut the tip at a slight angle.
  • Don’t be quick.
  • Use sharp nail cutter designed for dogs.
  • It is recommended to keep some bandages and cornstarch with you while trimming nails.

Trimming hair

Every dog owner wants his doggie to look gorgeous and adorable. You can increase your dog’s beauty by taking care of his cleanliness and keeping the coat hair in the best looking way White Lilac Cleaning. Regularly clipping decreases the chances of skin infections as well. It also prevents the coat from getting matted. You can take your pooch to a groomer for a professional cut. Also, you can do it yourself as you need the right tools.

Pomsky grooming

How to trim the coat and extra hairs of Pomsky (Tips)

  • Before trimming the hair, brush their coat so that any dirt or tangles and mats are removed.
  • Remove extra hairs around paws.
  • Be careful while you are cutting hairs around ears, eyes, and nose.
  • Clip the hairs inside the ears carefully.


The time you spend while grooming your Pomsky and taking care will develop bonding between you and your pooch. Grooming is good for your dog’ health as the dog will be clean and free of germs. If you follow the above tips, the grooming will not be a stressful experience.

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Pictures Credits: Pixabay