Dogs Diet

The dogs need a balanced diet so that they can grow and for a healthy life. Feeding the right amount of all food components is essential. If the dog is not getting these components, it can lead to obesity and poor health. The essentials of the dog foods are the Proteins, Fats, Vitamins, and Water.

There are three types of foods we give to our dogs.

Food Prepared in Home:– The diet is good as it contains the different type of foods that are usually fresh. But this Home prepared food lack some nutrients.

Supermarket Dog Foods

This type of dog diet is enough to provide your dog with the necessary nutritional components. But they use cheaper ingredients to make more money.

Food recommended by vets

This diet can be beneficial for the dogs as the vets recommend this.

The amount of food also depends on the size of the dog breed. Small dogs need less food, and the large dogs require more food.

Some foods are not good for the dogs. According to the research, it is better not to feed your dog with milk, fish or eggs.