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Morkie dog breed detailed information and pictures


Morkie is a designer breed, which is the combination of the two most popular dog breeds, Yorkshire terrier and the Maltese. If you are looking for a small, adorable and affectionate dog, if you like the cute things, then Morkie is a good choice for you. Because Morkie’s bright eyes, buttoned nose, and cute little size will melt your hear. It is a very affectionate dog, but sometimes it can be stubborn. Morkies are so small that you can carry them in a handbag. As, it is the crossbreed of two different purebred dogs, they can inherit the characteristics of both the parents. It can also inherit the more of the characteristics of one parent than other. So, it is difficult to make a prediction about their characteristics, except for their playfulness and affectionate nature.

The tiny Morkie loves people and other pets and wants the attention of the owner. This beautiful fluffy dog is playful and energetic and will chase the ball and play with toys. These tiny dogs are suitable for young children because they do not bear the pushing and pulling of the young hands and can be injured. You should be very careful about little furry babies; they can be damaged easily due to their small size.

Morkie loves his family members and attaches with them very quickly. He wants his family members to be around. If you leave him alone, he can create a problem.

The reason behind the popularity of the Maltese was their low-shedding coat; the Morkie also inherited this from Maltese. Morkie also has a low-shedding coat, but it requires daily brushing and grooming. This small toy is happy to live in a small apartment and don’t need a lot of exercises. It just needs an outside walk to meet his exercise needs.

The reason behind creating this breed was to reduce the risk of inherited disease. It was thought that when parents of an unrelated breed combine, the chances of the parent diseases can be reduced.

morkie pictures

History and Origin

The exact time and location of the Maltese Yorkshire Terrier-mix is unknown, but this designer dog was originated in the USA in the past 20 years. The reason behind creating the Morkie was to create a small dog with a low shedding coat and cute looks. The breed became very popular in the United States and also in England and Ireland over the last ten years. Morkie’s other names are Morkshire Terrier and Yorktese, but the Morkie is more popular.

It is still not recognized as a breed. Both the parents of the Morkie were fashionable and adorable too at that time. So when two cute breeds combined, a more attractive dog breed was made.

Parent breeds of Morkie

Morkie can inherit the characteristics of the parents, to have an idea about the aspects of the Morkie, let’s have a look at his parent breeds;


Maltese is a small-sized companion dog, weighing up to 7 pounds and standing at 7 to 10 inches tall. The lifespan of the Maltese is 12 to 15 years. Maltese are one of the oldest dog breeds in Europe. The Maltese is also known as Maltese lion dog, Shock dog, Roman ladies’ dog and spaniel gentle. The Maltese are known as the fearless dogs. They are fit for apartment living and good for first-time owners. Maltese love their owners and want them to be around. They do not tolerate being alone.

Maltese are İntelligent dogs that can be trained with a little effort. They can be stubborn, so crate training is recommended for Maltese. They can be taught necessary command easily. Maltese have moderate exercise needs and energy level.

The white coat of the Maltese sheds very less, and it requires daily combing and brushing. The owner should groom it on regular basis.

There are some health issues with Maltese like, skin and eye issues, respiratory and digestion problems.

Yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire terrier is also known as Yorkie. It is 7 to 8 inches tall and 6 to 8 pounds of weight. It is 9th most popular dog according to the AKC’s website. Yorkies are recognized by the AKC and many other dog clubs. Yorkies are adaptable in the apartments and small houses and good for new owners. They also love their owners and do not tolerates being alone. Their lifespan is about 12 to 15 years.

Yorkies are affectionate dogs that love the family and want them to be around. They are excellent watchdogs. They will follow you in the home and are your partners when you are watching TV shows. Yorkies are small dogs and are easy to carry anywhere.

Yorkshire terriers do not shed a lot, and their long coat requires a lot of grooming. They need a moderate amount of exercise to stay healthy and fit.


Morkies are recognized by the Designer Dog Registry.

Morkies are not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), as they are not purebred.


  • The first advantage is that Morkies are cute adorable and loving.
  • Morkies do not need a lot of, and a daily outside walk is enough for them.
  • They do not need a lot of space for living and can live in a small apartment.
  • They are also excellent guard dogs, they have a small size, but are aggressive to the strangers.
  • Due to their small size, you can carry Morkies, wherever you want.
  • They are affectionate dogs and love their owners.


  • Morkies bark too much and this can create a problem for the patients.
  • They are small dogs, and small immature children can hurt them.
  • If you leave them alone for a long time, it can develop separation anxiety in Morkies.
  • They can be more sensitive to the cold weather.
  • Moderate to high grooming needs.
  • A lot of vet bills, expensive health tests and vaccinations.

Coat and Color – Appearance

The Morkies appearance depends on the physical traits that he inherited from his parents. That’s why the appearance can be different even in the same litter. Their weight ranges from 4 to 9 pounds and is 6 to 9 inches tall at the withers. Their coat needs regular grooming and you should brush it several times a week. A monthly bath can with recommended shampoo can keep the coat and skin healthy.

The Morkies have a small bones structure. Look at the white Morkie it will look like Maltese and black ones like Yorkshire terrier. They have a cute little muzzle and the adorable black nose.

Their coat is soft and wavy with different colors and color combinations. The color of the Morkies coat cab be;

  • White
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Black and White
  • Tan and Black
  • Apricot


The Morkies are generally 6 to 9 inches tall.


The weight of the adorable Morkie is 4 to 9 pounds.

Temperament and Behavior of Morkie dog

The Morkies are playful and energetic dogs. Despite their small size, they love to run around and play with toys or a ball. The Morkie is a fearless miniature dog, and it can show aggressiveness to other pets and kids. So, the other large animals and small kids should be avoided as they can injure Morkie. The Morkie will do well with the cats, small dogs, and mature children.

Morkies are the lap dogs with sweet loving nature. They want to form strong bonds with the family members and want them to be around every time. Morkies want to play, spend time and cuddle with you. They will follow you around the house and will be your companion when you are watching TV on a sofa. But you have to teach your Morkie to relax when you are not with him because it can lead to the separation anxiety of the dog.

They are ideal dogs for apartments due to their small size. But the downside is that if you leave the Morkie alone, it will bark until someone comes to be with him. So it can be a problem for your neighbors. So it is better to carry your dog with you. And if you cannot take your dog with you, there must be a companion with him.

They are vigilant watchdogs and bark at the sound of the footsteps, any other dog barking and the stranger man. The early socialization can reduce this problem.

Taking care

Training a Morkie

Morkie dog is very intelligent and is easy to train. It is essential to train your dog and teach him proper manners. An untrained Morkie can cause high damage in your home.

You can have a lot of fun, training your pup but you have to show patience, and little effort can be beneficial for your Morkie. You need to maintain good behavior. Do not give them excessive exercise as too many repetitions can be harmful to their health. Morkies are good learners, but they can show stubbornness.

Watch Morkie training Video

You can teach them many tricks and commands. Start teaching them simple commands like;

  • Come
  • Down
  • Quiet
  • Sit
  • Stand

The training period should always be in a fun and happy mood. The harsh methods and unnecessary repetitions can make Morkies stubborn and even aggressive. Try giving him sweet rewards and praise if he does well during the training session.

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The Morkies are small energetic dogs that do not need a lot of activities. A 30-minute outdoor walk will be enough for them to need their exercise needs and to stay healthy and fit.

They must have play time when they play with the toys and chase a ball. While they are playing outside the home, keep an eye on them so that other big dogs or any animal should not harm them.

If they are not given enough exercise, they can feel bored and frustrated. So Morkies can bark and even can destroy the thing around him.

morkie exercise walk

Morkie Health

If you want a puppy that has fewer health expenses and wants to buy a comparatively healthy Morkie puppy, then do not buy the Morkie puppies from puppy mills. Also, do not buy the puppies from the shops that refuse to give puppies’ health history. A reputed breeder should give you the detailed history of health record and vaccinations details.

The most common health concerns seen with this breed are the ear, eye and oral health problems like their parents. However, it doesn’t mean that all the Morkie pups will have these health problems. Some can be affected by these issues while others can be healthy.

You have to take your Morkie to the vet for their regular vaccinations and checkups. The typical health diseases of the Morkies are the following;

As you can see that the Morkies may prone to many health concerns,  so buy the Morkie puppies from a trustworthy and reputable breeder. This can reduce your vet expenses and can save you from troubles soon.

What you have to do for your pup’s good health is;

  •    Buy from a Reputed breeder
  •    Give him proper recommended exercise
  •    Regular vet checkup
  •    Regular Vaccinations

Morkie Diet

Morkies are small dogs, but they overeat and love to eat. You have to keep an eye on them so that you can have an idea that what and how much are they eating. If they eat more, it will increase Morkies’ weight, and the overweight will result in heart diseases and bone joints.

Give your Morkie that food which is recommended by your veterinarian. Most of the owners prefer to feed them with store-bought food, as this food contains all the nutrients of the puppy.

morkie photos

As the Morkies prone o dental diseases, Kibble is good food for them. It reduces gum infections and tooth losses.

If you want to change your Morkie’s diet, do it gradually and after discussing with your vet. If you do so, it will not be suitable for their stomach. Also do not give your Morkie, the Table scraps as this is not healthy.

If you want to feed your Morkie with house cooked foods, the following items you can prepare for your Morkie;

  • Blue Berries
  • Boiled Pumpkin
  • Boiled Eggs
  • Apples
  • Slightly cooked carrots
  • Cooked Meat
  • Boiled Potatoes

You should avoid the following foods;

  • Raw eggs
  • Alcohol or alcohol containing drinks
  • Gum
  • Fatty meat
  • Rotten food
  • Onions
  • Grapes
  • Coffee

Grooming the Morkie

Morkie is a high maintenance dog that requires daily brushing and combing. Their coat is hypoallergenic but still need to brush, and monitor. The Morkie has daily grooming need, so it is better to make a routine for their maintenance.

Brush your Morkie every day. Morkies are non-shedding, but it does not mean that they do not shed at all. They shed but very less, so if you brush your pup daily you will not see the pup’s hairs everywhere, and your room will be clean.

Wash your dog regularly as it will keep the dirt away from your dog away. Use the special shampoos made especially for dogs for a better result.

The Morkies has a moderate long fur which needs to be trimmed on a regular basis. Use dog clippers and trimmers if you are doing this at home. But the professional grooming is recommended for Morkies on a monthly basis.

Wipe your Morkies eyes daily with a soft cloth. Remove tear stains around the eyes. Cut any extra hairs around the eyes.

It is also important to trim the Morkies nails. If your pup has long nails, it will be difficult for him to walk and run.

Morkie’s Price

The average price of the new Morkie puppy ranges from 1000$ to 3500$ depending on the puppy’s health, energy level, and color. It also depends on the breeder and region where the puppy is for sale.

If you do not want to spend a lot of money buying Morkie puppies, adopt them from a rescue group.


What is the Lifespan of Morkie dog?

The lifespan of the Morkie is 12 to 16 years

Bottom Line

The Morkie is a high maintenance cute little dog. If you need a sweet companion that always wants to be with you and you can give him enough time for care and maintenance, Morkie is Okay for you. Morkie has some health issues you must be careful about these issues. We have tried our best to give you as much information as possible about the Morkies, If you still have any questions, ask in the comments section below.

Picture Credits: Aartje_Stony truongalachia,

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