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The cutest Dog breeds in the World


We are going to discuss the cutest dog breeds in the world in this detailed article. Almost all the dogs are cute, but some breeds are adorable even when they turn adults. While choosing a pet dog, we have to check the dog’s health, size, temperament but most of us fall for cuteness. Every dog owner thinks his dog is one of the cutest dog breeds in the world.

Before sharing the list of the cutest dog breeds, we want to share that why people love the dogs.

In the beginning, the dogs were used to kill vermin and rats. To keep these dogs around, peoples began to give them food. These dogs became closer to humans. People started to keep their dogs closer while playing, eating and even sleeping. The strange, curious dogs were now sleeping, dining and living with humans and after that humans in different areas started breeding dogs that had size, shape and other characteristics according to the human’s choices. That’s because now dogs were more than a worker or guard. The people wanted to see their cute dogs as pets instead of workers or guards. After that humans love for dogs especially for cute dogs is increasing day by day. Now the situation is that we cannot imagine a world without cute dogs.

It is impossible to select the favorite or cutest breed when we talk about the dogs. Every single dog is the human’s best friend. Below is the list of the cutest dog breeds in the world. All of them are cute and adorable in their way.

Labrador retriever (First in our cutest dog breeds list)

labrador retriever photos

Labradors have a muzzled head with medium-sized eyes and beautiful eyes. Labrador’s coat is of three colors, chocolate, black or yellow. Labrador is known for its short and water resistant coat, broad skull and otter tail. Due to its soft flapped ears, thick tail and beautiful coat, Labrador is on the top of the most popular and cutest dog breeds list in AKC. Labrador is the most popular and demanding dog breed nowadays. Its popularity is increasing day by day.


beagle photos

Beagles have charming eyes, soft floppy ears, and round paws that make them one of the cutest dog breeds. Beagle’s nose is adorable. They are the favorite of many dog lovers due to their charming personality. Their perfect size increases their cuteness. Peoples love their cute nose, size, ears, personality, and face.

Siberian Husky

siberian husky pictures

Siberian Huskies are highly intelligent dogs, and they love children. They are always happy wearing a smile on their faces. This habit increases their cuteness. People choose Siberian husky as a pet due to his handsome looks. Siberian husky is one of the good looking cute dog breeds that people love to own. Huskies have a smooth coat that comes in different colors. Silver, white or black. Husky’s eyes, Oh! Just go and watch their eyes. I think, no other dog breed has eyes like huskies. Heterochromia is common in this breed. Their coat is too soft that you can’t stop touching them. Siberian Huskies play and even swim with you in the summer.

Bernese Mountain Dog

bernese mountain dog photos

Bernese Mountain dogs are cute puppies and cuter when they are grown-ups. The other thing that we love in Berners is their speckled nose. They have fluffy paws and floppy ears that make them more attractive. Bernese mountain dog and Poodle mix is also very famous and adorable dog breed.


pomsky picture

It is the cross between the Pomeranian and The Siberian husky. Pomskies have five different types, and I bet that you will love all of these. The five types of the Pomsky are Foxy Pomsky, Plush husky, pure white stunner, Blue-eyed brownie, and Short-haired Cutey. Pomskies are the little dogs that look like the Siberian husky, but the thing that increases their cuteness is their size.


maltese photos

Maltese height 7 to 9 inches and weight under 7 pounds. Do you think that Maltese are of too small size? Yes! You are right. Maltese are little in size that is a reason for their overloaded cuteness. They have a long silky coat and big dark eyes. They are ranked 29th the most popular dogs in the world by AKC. Maltese mixes are also adorable and popular.

Yorkshire terrier

yorkshire terrier photos

Just see the Yorkshire terrier’s picture. You are now in love with the cute Yorkshire terrier. The nice small size, beautiful long ears, lovely black eyes and silky coat that are the reasons why I love the Yorkshire terrier, one of my favorite and cute dog breeds. Their owners like to style their hairs according to the trending fashion. Yorkshire puppies have a beautiful smile. You haven’t met with the Yorkshire terriers if you say that dogs don’t smile.  Teacup Yorkies size is so small that when they bark, it sounds like yapping.


pomeranian photos

Pomeranian is a prevalent, adorable and active breed across the world. The long outer coat has different beautiful colors like merle, chocolate, cream, orange, and sable. This variety of colors make Pomeranian famous among dog lovers. It has a unique appearance because of its long coat. The dog is loving and also want to be with you. Pomeranian mixes are also famous in the USA and the whole world.

Chow Chow

chow chow pictures

Chow chow is, of course, a cute dog, same like its name. It is also known as a puffy-lion dog. It is a magnificent looking breed. Chow is a medium-sized dog that stands about 16 to 19 inches. It has a big head, to describe the chow’s head, “lion-like” word is used. It has a fluffy, smooth coat. The coat can be of the different beautiful colors like cream, black and blue, red and blue. The chow has the unique blue-black tongue. Chow’s hairs are triangular. It has a bushy tail. It has the big head with dark eyes and a large black nose. Nowadays Chow is very popular among peoples.

Picture Credits: Scott Cromwell /Flickr, Pixabay

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