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Teacup Yorkie – Information about the appearance of World’s smallest dog


Small in size, big in personality teacup Yorkie is a feisty but loving companion. The Yorkshire terrier, most commonly known as the “Yorkie,” is a special type of dog breed that is very famous in UK and US. The size of these dogs is so small that sometimes they can even fit in a purse and cup etc. Yorkshire terriers are one of the tiniest breeds around, with an average height of 6 to 7 inches. The average weight of Yorkshire terriers is 5 to 7 pounds. There is no particular breed difference between a teacup Yorkie and a toy Yorkie.

Origin and History of “Teacup Yorkie”

The parent breed of teacup Yorkie is the “Yorkshire terrier” that was originated in the 19th century in England. The workers from Scotland in the mid 19th century came to England in search for work and brought several verities of small terriers with them. Today’s teacup Yorkie is different from the early Yorkshire Terriers. They had the ability to hunt vermin and rats. Apart from being ratters they were skilled hunters and carried along to hunt rabbits, foxes, and other wild animals.

Teacup Yorkies are bred between the runts of two litters. Even though AKC does not recognize them (as the size of this breed does not adhere to their standards) the demand for teacup Yorkies have increased.

Personality and temperament of “Teacup Yorkie”:

The small size of these dogs has not affected the quirky personality and confidence. Teacup Yorkies have ample amounts of energy to play. They are very friendly with people. However, they can take advantage if not told who the boss is. They are one of the intelligent dog breeds, and it is effortless to train them.

Just like their larger counterpart they love to keep on moving and are very active. They get in trouble sometimes, because their bodies can’t handle. Teacup Yorkies are tiny dogs with an extremely fragile bone structure. So, the responsibility is two-fold on the owner to ensure that they are safe all the time. They want a lot of attention and interaction with the owner. Lack of attention to your tiny puppy can lead to teacup Yorkies exhibiting behavioral problems.

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Pros. And Cons. of Teacup Yorkie:

Teacup Yorkies are known to instantly win over the hearts. They are an ideal companion for elderly, disabled and single homes. But owning a puppy comes with its own pros and cons. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of this tiny breed:

  • They are small in size and easy to carry.
  • These tiny puppies do not need too much space.
  • They are loving, affectionate and loyal puppies.
  • They are sociable and friendly dogs.
  • You can easily train a Yorkie puppy.
  • Yorkies do not need a lot of exercises.
  • Cons.
  • Yorkie puppies require extra attention and care.
  • They are small, delicate and fragile.
  • They are not suitable for people who travel most of their time because lack of attention causes behavioral problems in Yorkie puppies.
  • They develop a suspicious behavior if they have not socialized enough.
  • Physical Appearance of “Teacup Yorkie”

    teacup yorkie

    Teacup Yorkies come with a long silky coat. An adult Yorkie has long silky perfectly straight hair. Their coat has a natural part in the center of back all the way to their tail behind the neck. If they have a small tail, then it will stick straight up like a flag, and when the tail is docked too long, it may droop. They carry their tails slightly higher than the back. Yorkie puppies have darker blue hair at the end of the tail. They have small V-shaped ears. The Yorkies come in blue and tan colors.

    Taking Care of “Teacup Yorkie”:

    So, you have set up your mind to get this cute little breed. But make sure you know how to take care of Yorkies as they are tine, mischievous and agile as well.


    The Yorkies belong to an agile dog breed and have a very athletic build. They are small in size and are considered as the lap dogs. They do not require regular exercise to maintain good health. However, daily exercise can give plenty of benefits. For example, exercise aids in maintaining muscles, and is good for the heart. When you take Yorkie out for exercise, it gives the dog an opportunity to socialize with the outside elements. Exercise helps Yorkies release pent-up energy that will otherwise be directed in a negative way.


    Indeed, you should plan to train your Yorkie for housebreaking, socialization, and commands. Well, the key to success is to have expectations. Yorkies are primarily indoor dogs that require less exercise and outdoor time than other breeds. Puppy classes are essential to training your dog how to socialize. But make sure your Yorkie is safe and sound in a puppy class as there will be some giant dogs as well and your cute friend is quite fragile. Yorkies are the intelligent first rate watchdogs so; they must be trained in at least the basic obedience commands.


    Due to their small size, the Yorkies do not require massive portions. You should feed them once every 3 to 4 hours. Though they don’t eat much if you see the loss of appetite in them consult your vet immediately because Yorkies quickly suffer from low blood sugar levels.  Tiny dogs need at least 40 calories per pound of the body weight so; it is imperative to select foods particularly formulated for small breeds. Make sure your Yorkie is getting its dietary requirements.


    If you want to keep the coats of your puppy show-dog long, then you have to brush the coat daily. Keep the hair out of their eyes with long topknot tied up. If your Yorkie has long facial hair than the hair on the body, a puppy clip works well. Trim their nails every week or two. Brush their teeth regularly with pet toothpaste. Yorkies do not shed much making them less problematic for people with allergies. Use only natural dog shampoo for bathing and bath them weekly as per the professional dog groomer’s instructions.

    Living environment:

    Your Yorkie will be most likely sensitive to temperature changes so, make sure you take care while giving baths. The weather is below 68 degrees Fahrenheit then it is better to put clothes on your puppy. Whenever you take Yorkie out for a walk in the hot months, make sure it is in the shade. Do not pick a nesting bed for you Yorkie; it should be orthopedic foam memory mattress

    Health Concerns of “Teacup Yorkie”:

    Teacup Yorkies are bred from runts so, they are weaker and more prone to health concerns. The list of health concerns is longer than the lifespan of Yorkies. Here are a few common problems found in them:

    teacup yorkie

    Legg-Perthes Disease: It is a genetic health problems in Yorkies in which the head of the femur bone becomes weak. It happens due to the lack of blood supply there. The hip joint becomes deformed and loses its vitality. Yorkies that suffer from Legg-Perthes disease limp while walking turn lame and suffer from pain. The most effective treatment of the disease is surgery.

    Retinal Dysplasia: It is an inherited health problem in this breed that leads to vision problems. It is caused by the abnormal retinal development due to which irregularity in the eyeball functionality occurs.

    Hypoglycemia: Yorkies are at high risk of Hypoglycemia during the first five months after birth. The Yorkies with liver diseases or pregnant dogs can also have the Hypoglycemia problem. The blood sugar level goes down, and the Yorkies feel drowsiness, weakness and may faint.

    Skin Allergies: Skin health problems can also occur in Yorkies when they are exposed to pollen, fleas, molds, and chemicals.

    Buying a “Teacup Yorkie” puppy:

    Once you decide to buy a Yorkie puppy then selecting a respected breeder is the first step. A reputable breeder will let you ask questions about the breed history and what kind of puppy makes for a good pet. Do not feel shy while describing what type of dog you are looking for. Ask about the temperament and personality of the dog you want to buy. Ask about the feeding requirements of Yorkie puppy and how can you please this cute little friend. Never forget to ask what can make Yorkie upset.

    teacup yorkie puppy

    Following points can help you adopt a dog:

    • Use the Web
    • Reach Out to Local Experts
    • Talk to Breed Rescue


    What is the difference between a teacup and toy Yorkie?

    There is no specific breed difference between a teacup and toy Yorkie.

    What is the life expectancy of a Teacup Yorkie?

    The teacup Yorkie lives for 9-12 years.

    What is the cost of Teacup Yorkie?

    The reputable breeders can charge anywhere from $800 to$10,000 for each Yorkie pup.

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