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Shih Poo Puppies Ultimate buying guide


Shih poo puppies are adorable, cute and loving. Shih poo puppies come in two variations. Poodle being sire and the Shih Tzu the dam and vice versa. Their popularity is increasing day by day due to their cute personality and energetic nature. Shih poo puppies love to run and play. They spend a lot of time playing and running around chasing a ball. Shih poo puppies are intelligent and want to please you with their activities, but they can show stubbornness. You must show patience at that time and try positive ways like treats etc.

Shih poo puppies are companion dogs that love your lap and want you to be around. If you do not give them enough time, they will feel alone, and that will change their attitude too. They have a soft coat that sheds very few needs moderate grooming. Due to their active nature, they do not need a lot of exercises. Shi-poo puppies just need a 30 minutes’ walk outside the house to cover their exercise needs.

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Finding a Shih Poo Breeder

Shih poo puppies are very popular nowadays. Many people want to have a Shih poo puppy in their homes. That makes the mills and the breeders greedy. For earning more and more money, they become irresponsible, and they don’t give equal attention to the puppies. So, you don’t need to pay a lot of money to these mills and irresponsible breeders.

Search on the internet for the reputed breeders in your area. Also, search what the other buyers are saying about that breeder. Ask the breeder about Shih poo puppies’ vaccination, medical reports, and other diseases. If you have found a healthy dog, it will decrease your vet expenses in the near future.

If you are searching for a dog on the internet, and they are shipping the dog to your home, make sure that they ship the same dog as you ordered.

Decide whether you want a newly born puppy or an adult one. The Shih Poo puppies are energetic and require a lot of time and effort to train them and make a dog that you need. If you buy an adult dog, he will be already trained you don’t need a lot of effort to train him. He will be less energetic.

If you own a small apartment, and you want to have a pup that doesn’t need a lot of exercises and loves your lap, the Shih Poo is perfect for you. Below are the steps you must follow when you go to a breeder to buy a Shih Poo puppy.

shih poo puppy pictures

Inquiring for a Shih Poo Puppy for sale

  • Find a reputable breeder who spends enough money on the puppies and has evidence of their excellent health. Be sure that Shih Poo puppies don’t have any genetic disease. Ask the breeders about the puppies’ health certificates and related documents.
  • Ask the vet about his energy level, is he good with other animals and children? Question about his age.
  • Observe the pup if he is aggressive or not. Observe his personality if he wants to be around you and showing interaction.
  • Examine puppies coat, eyes, ears, nose and all the parts and if there is something wrong.
  • You can take the puppy to the vet for the checkup. It will help you ensure that Shih Poo puppy you are going to purchase is healthy.


In this article, I have written about the Shih Poo puppies. What things one should consider before going to purchase a Shih Poo puppy. What things you should look in a pup when you are buying a puppy like health, age, etc. So if you have followed the above instructions, I hope you will find the right puppy of your choice. If you have any inquiries feel free to comment in the comments section.

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Picture credit: Petopia Virginiawelle23