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Pomsky : Pomeranian husky-mix appearance temperament and training guide


Are you living in an apartment? Looking for a smaller in size but energetic and adorable companion? Here is Pomsky for you. The Pomsky is the crossbreed of dog and is the combination of Siberian husky and Pomeranian, usually a Husky mother and Pomeranian father. As, the size of both the parent dogs, it is challenging to breed naturally, because it is unsafe in this case. So these breeds are bred by the artificial insemination. The Pomskies are smaller than Siberian husky and larger than Pomeranian.

This artificial method is expensive, and the breeder will charge a lot of money. That means the Pomsky puppies would be the costly puppies. Despite their price, Pomskies have attracted a lot of people’s attention and is currently the most popular dog breed. Pomskies got popularity in a very short time because they are made by the two most popular dogs cross. And they have the characteristics of both the popular breeds of today. Pomskies were the most popular dogs in 2017. They are becoming more and more popular in America and Europe.

They look like mini fluffy wolves and has a unique appearance. The reason for buying a Pomsky should not be that “the Pomskies are cute, that’s the only reason I want to buy the Pomsky dog because they are energetic and needs a lot of exercises. You must be prepared to care for Pomskies and buy the healthy and active puppy. It can reduce your vet expenses in the near future. Buy the puppy from the breeders that give you health guaranty and previous health record. Adopting from the rescue centers or shelters is a good option.


It is impossible for anyone to predict the future life of a crossbreed. It is like opening a beautifully wrapped gift while you don’t know what is inside. This is difficult to predict the health, characteristics and other things of the Pomsky.

It is believed that when two or more different breeds are crossed, the new breed inherits the best characteristics of the parents. But it does not work that way every time. Pomskies have the tendency to prey drive. So, if you socialize them at an early age, you can control them in the future.

The Pomsky is a new hybrid breed, so there is very little information is available about them. Let’s predict what you are going to get in the future, as the Pomeranian is known as the affectionate dog while the Siberian husky is of independent nature.

History and Origin

The history of the Pomsky dog is very short. The first time Pomeranian dog and Siberian husky crossed within the last 5-10 years through artificial insemination. This new “designer dog” is attracting more and more peoples with his cute looks in the UK, America, and Europe. Pomskies became famous because their dam and sire are also very famous breeds of all time. They inherited the characteristics of both the parents. Breeders claimed that the Pomskies are hypoallergenic and they have fewer health concerns. The breed is new, so it is difficult to know about their health concerns and traits.

Usually, the Pomeranian is the father, and the Siberian husky is the mother. The mating of Pomeranian mother and Siberian husky can create problem while breeding. The Pomsky Club of America is a group made by Pomsky breeders. This club’s primary purpose is to get the breed officially recognized.

In 2011, people were posting pictures of the cute dogs claiming that these are the Husky and Pomeranian mixes, but they were not. That posts became viral, and the people around the globe started talking about new breed. That viral trend forced breeders to cross the Siberian husky and Pomeranian to make more money as the breed was already famous. The first Pomsky litter born in the USA in 2012. Pomskies became more popular when the first Pomsky was born, and people liked that cute dog in the USA, UK and Europe and other countries. It is the most loved and popular breed of 2017.

The popularity of these little companions is increasing day by day, but they are still rare because there breeding is not natural that takes time and also this method is expensive. Due to this, the Pomsky puppies are expensive.

  • Pomsky dogs are the most popular dogs nowadays.
  • Pomskies are good around children
  • Good for the first time owners that can give them enough time for exercise and daily outdoor walk.
  • Pomskies are loyal and affectionate dog breed.
  • They are the most intelligent dogs and are easy to train.
  • Pomsky dogs are adaptable to an apartment; the owner has to give him enough exercise and take him regularly for a walk.
  • They are good around other animals, pets, and strangers, but early socialization is a must.
  • Pomsky dogs have high maintenance coat, so you have to care about combing, brushing and clipping, otherwise you will see your dog’s hairs everywhere in your house.
  • They shed very much.
  • Pomskies are expensive because they are bred by artificial breeding that is expensive
  • They suffer from health issues that can be expensive.
  • It is a very new breed, and we don’t know all of his characteristics.

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Parents of Pomsky

To have an idea about the newly bred Pomsky dog, let’s have a look at their parent breeds.

Siberian husky (Mother of Pomsky)

Siberian Huskies were named for the Siberia region in Russia. The Siberian Huskies were bred by the Chukchi People who lived in the cold environment of the Siberian Arctic. The purpose of the Siberian husky breeding was to get a healthy working dog to pull sleds and carts. The Siberian husky is a working dog and a great family dog as well. The Siberian Huskies are ranked 12nd most popular dogs according to AKC.

Huskies are bred as the working dogs to pull sled and carts. They are not good guard dogs and are aggressive towards other dogs. To maintain good behavior and health, they need enough exercise and activities. Huskies are intelligent dogs but they like independence, so can be stubborn sometimes. They have a high prey drive and can chase cats and other small pets.

Pomeranian (Father of Pomsky)

Pomeranian is a small breed of dog that weighs 3 to 7 pounds. This breed is the smallest dog of the Spitz family of dogs. Pomeranians are named for the Province Pomerania, in Germany. They are called Toy dogs due to their smaller size, which weighs no more than seven pounds. Pomeranian was recognized by AKC in 1888. They are ranked 22nd most popular dog breed according to AKC.

Pomeranians are excellent watchdogs and responsible house protectors. They monitor and are interested in everything that is happening around them. When there is something wrong, they bark to let you know that there is something not usual around our home. They are the perfect companions for dog lovers and good with children.

Pomeranian wants their owner’s attention, and if you fail to do so, separation anxiety can develop in these little dogs. Training Pomeranian can be a difficult task for the owner because these dogs like independence and don’t pay attention to the commands given to him. They think they are much larger than their actual size, due to this they can attack larger dog, but this can be controlled through early socialization.

pomsky pictures

Breed Type

As both the parents of Pomsky are spitz-type dogs, so they inherit the temperament and physical characteristics from the parents. Thus, the litter, the Pomsky will also be a spitz-type dog. The Pomskies are bred as a companion dog.

Fun facts about Pomskies

  • Pomskies are bred by the artificial insemination because the natural breeding can create problems.
  • They are expensive dogs because artificial insemination is costly.
  • Pomskies are very intelligent dogs, but they can be stubborn sometimes.
  • They inherit the characteristics from both Siberian Husky and Pomeranian.
  • Pomskies can be trained easily with a little effort.
  • They are the vocal dogs that love their voice and like to howl and bark.
  • Pomsky dogs have a double, dense coat that keeps them warm in cold weather.
  • The black and white Pomskies are the most popular among others.

Different Types/Variations of Pomskies

Pomsky’s popularity is increasing day by day. The Pomskies are available in three variations.

The variation in which a ‘purebred’ Pomeranian is bred with a ‘purebred’ Siberian husky. So the newborn pup will be 50% Pomeranian and 50 % Siberian husky. It is the most common variation as compared to the other Pomsky variations. This variation inherits the physique of the Pomeranian and characteristics features of Husky.
The variation in which the Purebred Pomeranian is crossed with the 50/50 Pomsky. The litter will be 75% Pomeranian and 25% Siberian Husky. This variation may inherit more Pomeranian characteristics.
The third variation of Pomskies in which the litter is 25% Pomeranian and 75% Siberian husky. The Purebred Siberian husky is crossed with 50/50 Pomsky. This variation has more Siberian like characteristics. This variation is not common and not easily available.

Physical Characteristics of Pomsky

The physical characteristics of the newly crossed Pomsky are unpredictable. Also, the Pomsky’s breeders are still working on this breed to have a perfect look. The Pomsky can have more Husky-like physical characteristics and vice versa.

The Pomskies physique can be different even in the same litter, but they always inherit the characteristics like curly tails, long muzzle, and a beautiful coat. We can determine the appearance of the Pomskies by the percentage of DNA of the Dam and Sire. Like, in the F1B cross, where the percentage of the Siberian Husky in the new litter is more than Pomeranian.

The litter can be more like Siberian Husky. It can be tall and have more physical characteristics and temperament like Huskies. When the Pomsky is crossed with a Pure Pomeranian, there are more chances that the pup will have more characteristics like the Pomeranian. They have a muscular body with strong limbs and wide shoulders.

Both the parents of the Pomky dogs have dense and double coats, so that can be expected in the Pomskies too. The coat of the Pomskies resembles Siberian Huskies as they look like the Miniature Huskies. They have a dense, double coated fur with medium sized hairs, that can be black, red, grey and white. The coat color can be of different colors which include the colors of both Pomeranian and Huskies coat. The coat mostly consists two of these colors. This coat is thick that is suitable for cold weather. The coat color can be brown, fawn, grey, black, pied, cream and white. Their coat is usually soft, dense and with medium sized straight hairs.
The ears of the Pomskies are pointy inherited from the Siberian husky.
The eyes can be rounded, and the colors of them can be Blue, hazel, amber, or brown. The Pomskies eyes can have different colors, like the Huskies. They inherit the eye color from the Siberian husky parents.
The Pomsky dogs head is wolf-like with a long but fine muzzle, and a rounded brown or black nose.
They have a curled tail.

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Pomsky full grown

The height of full-grown Pomsky

The height of the male Pomskies can be 37 to 40 cm. The female Pomskies can be 35cm to 37cm in height.

The weight of the full-grown Pomsky

The weight of the male Pomsky can be 14 kgs, and for the females Pomskies, it can be between 9 12 to 13 Kgs full grown.

Length of the Pomsky full grown

The length of the full-grown Pomsky can be up to 40 to 44 cm.

Read a detailed article about Full-grown Pomsky

Personality/ Temperament of Pomsky

It is crucial to be aware of your next puppy and his personality because your next dog is going to live with you for at least ten years. So, it is better to explore the temperament and compare that is it according to your home environment.

It is difficult to predict the temperament and personality of the Pomsky dogs like their physical appearance. It varies litter to litter and depends on their genetic makeup. However, they inherit the best characteristics of both the parents. So, we can have an idea of the Pomsky’s temperament and personality by looking at their parent’s temperament.

Let’s have a look at the personalities of both Pomeranian and Siberian Husky to have an idea about the Pomskies temperament.

Pomeranians are small dogs with very energetic and active nature. They are of a protective nature and are very good guard dogs. They can bark excessively sometimes that can be annoying.

The Siberian Huskies are intelligent and playful dogs. They are known for their wonderful personality. Huskies are intelligent dogs and can be trained with a little effort. They need regular exercise to stay fit.

The Pomsky dogs are playful, energetic and intelligent dogs. These are the main traits that the Pomskies inherit from both Pomeranian and Siberia Husky. Some of the Pomsky dogs inherit the protective nature of their parents. They are very good guard dogs, and they keep an eye on everything that is happening around them. Pomskies are energetic and playful, that means they need enough exercise.


The Pomeranian is the intelligent dogs, and the Siberian Huskies are also known as intelligent dogs. So, we can expect that the Pomkies will also be a smart dog. They are quick learners and monitor everything happening around them. You have to give them enough time and do some activities to enhance their abilities. You can do so by socializing them with other parts, peoples and by teaching them new things.

Separation Anxiety

Pomskies are companion dogs, and they spend a lot of time with their family members. They fell happy and excited when they are with their family members. Pomskies are fit for the people that spend most of their time in their home. These small adorable dogs want the owner’s attention. If they are left alone for a longer time, it can develop separation anxiety that can result in a bad attitude of the dog. They can relieve their stress by barking and being destructive around the house.

With Children

The Pomsky is a family dog, and he wants to play and enjoy with the family members. The home with older children is a good choice for him, as the children love playing with dogs. Introduce your dog with children slowly, so that they must not be skittish. The toddlers must be kept away from them as they can harm them.

With other pets.

Pomskies can have a high prey drive when they are introduced with other animals and pets. They can be aggressive and even attack larger dogs and pets. So, it is recommended to be careful and attended when your Pomsky and other pets are in the same place. Early socialization is necessary to keep them friendly around other pets.

Socializing the Pomsky.

If you do not want your dog to be aggressive towards other dogs and barking at the visitors, you have to socialize your dog in an early age. You should begin socializing of your Pomsky from the day you bring him from the breeder. After the dog is vaccinated, take him outside and introduce him with other pets, peoples, and dogs.

Health of Pomsky

The cute pomeranian is a new breed, so it is tough to predict their health concerns. It is thought that the mixed breed dogs are healthier than their parent breeds because they inherit the best characteristics of their parent breeds. The mix breeds have larger gene pools to draw from. Still, there is a chance that the Pomsky puppies may develop the common diseases of both Pomeranian and Husky.

All breeds whether they are cross breeds are purebred, have the potential to develop genetic health problems. The Pomsky dogs can inherit the disease from both of their parents, so here is a list of diseases that are common in Siberian Huskies and Pomeranians. If both of the parent breeds have the risk of suffering from the same disease, the puppies have more chances of suffering from that disease.

pomsky pictures

Siberian Huskies’ health problems

  • Glaucoma
  • Hereditary cataracts
  • Hip dysplasia
  • (PRA) Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Pomeranian health problems

  • Cataracts
  • Collapsed Trachea
  • Skin Problems
  • Entropion
  • Luxating PatellaPituitary
  • Seizures
  • Skin and Coat Issues
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Tooth Decay

If the Pomsky breeder does not offer you the health record of the puppies, don’t dare to buy from that breeder. You may get the Pomsky puppy cheaper, but you are going to pay high vet bills in the near future. Also, if the breeder is saying that there is no known health problem and the Pomsky you are going to buy is 100% healthy, and they don’t need to do these tests because they never had issues. The breeder wants to make money. Do not buy from that breeder. Buy from that breeder who tells everything about the Pomskies health and gives a trustable record. You need to check all these things because you are going to buy a puppy that is not common and is expensive and you are going to spend several thousand dollars.

Below is the overview of some health diseases your Pomsky puppy could develop.

Hip Dysplasia Glaucoma Collapsing Trachea HypothyroidismPatellar Luxation Inguinal Hernias Heart disease Allergies
The condition in which one or both hip joints grow abnormally. Hip Dysplasia can be the result of excessive exercise. Pomskies may prone to hip dysplasia.
Glaucoma inherited in the Siberian Huskies. The disease encountered in the middle-aged dogs. It is the disease that damages the optic nerve and can result in vision loss.
The signs of Collapsing trachea are abnormal breathe, blue or gray gum, and coughing. The disease can be treated by giving the medicines like antibiotics and bronchodilators. This disease is common in small breeds like the Pomeranian. That means that the Pomsky could have it too.
It is an endocrine system disorder in which thyroid glands are affected. The symptoms are weight gain and hair loss.
This is the condition in which the dog’s Patella (Knee Cup) is out of its place (luxus). Usually, the dogs don’t feel pain but it can lead to the joint problems and may require surgery.
That disorder is generally seen in the female puppies, and it requires surgery to correct.
There are some heart diseases, from which your Pomsky dog may suffer from. If you see your dog coughing, fainting or you see the dog suffering from breathing problems, go to the vet for the heart checkup.
Pomsky dogs may suffer from allergies. If you see any symptom, urgently take your Pomsky to the vet and tell about your dog’s allergy problem. The reasons for these allergies can be dust mites, Harmful chemicals, and airborne pollens.

Health tests

You should take your Pomsky pup for some health test to monitor his health condition. Some of these tests are Eye examination, Dental, and Oral test, X-ray and MRI and blood count, etc.


The puppies should be given vaccinations. You should follow the schedule recommended by your veterinarian. It is still a debate whether the puppies need to have boosters. However, you should ask your vet to guide you about the boosters. Vaccinations are necessary for your Pomsky dog’s good health.

Taking Care of Pomsky

ExerciseLiving Conditions Grooming Brushing CoatBathingCleaning Eyes & EarsBrushing TeethTrimming NailsDietTraining
Pomskies are energetic dogs like their parents Pomeranian and Siberian Husky. They need enough daily exercise so that they do not feel frustrated and boring. They need at least 40 to 60 minutes of exercise daily to burn extra calories. A daily outside walk will be more beneficial for the Pomsk’s health as well as it is the excellent way for socializing your dog with the world outside your house. Your Pomsky will not feel nervous while meeting new pets and strangers.
If Pomskies are not given a fair amount of exercise daily, they feel frustrated and bored. They can be destructive and can develop behavioral problems. They may bark to let you know that they are bored and want some activity. Puppies have more exercise needs as compared to the adult and senior dogs. The intelligent and energetic puppies like Pomsky needs even more. The older adults and senior dogs also have moderate exercise needs. You must spend your time with your dog, playing some fun games with him. If the dog responds well, you must give him treats to increase his interest. The houses with garden are great for these type of dogs. Pomskies run and play in the garden. The garden must have fences to protect them from any expected danger and also they should stay in your area as they can escape. Over-exercise is not good for Pomsky dogs. It can be dangerous for their health. Always discuss everything with your vet like how much exercise they need. The amount of exercise they need depends on the individual’s age, health, and energy level.
Pomsky dog is adaptable and the house with a garden to run around and play. They have a double, dense coat, that protects them from cold weather. They feel very hot in the summer, so you must pay attention to this matter.
The Pomsky dog has a soft, and fluffy double coat. Their coat is silky, dense and thick. The Pomskies are a heavy shedder. They shed all the year, but in autumn and spring, you will see their hairs all around your house. They lose their old hairs so new hairs can grow in these two seasons. Read detailed article about Pomsky Grooming
As, the coat sheds a lot all the year, so you have to brush and comb your Pomsky’s coat every day. It will remove all the dead and lose hairs and keeps the coat healthy. If you do not brush, you may see hairs on your sofas, furniture, and your bed. A wire pin brush can be used for the removal of dead hairs and a Slicker brush for mats and tangles.
Bath your dog whenever he gets dirty. It depends on the type of the dog’s coat, and the time he spends outside the house. Do not bath the dog daily or weekly (I want to say do not bath them too often), as it is not good for dog’s skin and coat. There are some shampoos available in markets that are specially made for dogs.
Regularly check your Pomsky’s ear and eyes. If you see extra wax in the ears, remove it. It can create the hearing problem and also can be the reason for painful infections. Take a clean and wet cloth and rub in the ear gently to remove the wax. Regularly cleaning the eyes of your doggie can help in beautiful eyes of your dog and can get rid of unwanted tear stain around the eyes.
Regular brushing of the Pomsky teeth is necessary to prevent the tooth decay. The toothpaste and Toothbrushes specially designed for the dogs are available in the market. Don’t use your toothpaste for dogs, as these kinds of toothpaste are harmful if swallowed.
There is no need of trimming the coat hairs in case of Pomskies, as this coat protects them from the cold and hot weather. However extra hairs around the paws, eyes, and ears should be trimmed. You should take your Pomsky to the groomer for a professional cut, 3 to 4 times a year. But don’t trim the coat hairs at all but to look better. If the nails are left untrimmed, the large nails can hurt the dog while walking. So you must be careful and cut their nails when need. A special nail trimmer can be used for this purpose.
The Pomsky dogs are energetic dogs, they are playful dogs, and they are always active. That why they need the good diet and enough nutrition. They need enough amount of proteins and vitamins in their daily diet. If you wish your Pomsky to live long, nutritious and balanced food is a must. Also, keeping an eye on their weight, health and giving enough exercise is necessary. The Pomsky is a new dog, so it is tough to say about their diet. Asking your vet for the Pomsky’s diet is a better option. When you buy a Pomsky from a breeder, they will give you the diet schedule. Now you have to follow that schedule. If you want to change the diet schedule, do it gradually making sure that is not bad for your dog’s stomach. Also, discuss with your vet before making any change in diet schedule. The diet of the Pomsky or any dog depends on various factors like weight, size, age, type of food, energy level and health of your dog. Small dogs burn through energy quickly than larger dogs. So, it means that the small dogs need more food according to their weight.

Normal Diet and Nutrition needs

Any dog needs proteins, vitamins energy, and fiber. If the dog’s food contains meat, vegetables, and whole grains, it can meet all the nutrients needs of the dog.

Feeding guide Pomsky puppy

The puppies are in their growing process, so they need high-quality food to grow well. It is better to give them food for more than two times a day.

Feeding guide for adult Pomsky

Adult dogs still need a healthy and balanced diet for their continued good health. They need a balanced diet for their better health. Adult dogs must be given food at least two times a day. The average dog’s daily food costs 1.20 to 1.50$, and monthly 34 to 50$.

Pomsky is a very intelligent dog. He responds well to the training and can learn very quickly. Both parents of the adorable Pomsky are intelligent and extremely trainable dogs. They inherit the intelligence from both dam and sire. The intelligent Pomskies look keen to learn. It is recommended for the dogs to start their training at the early age. As Pomskies are smart dogs that can learn your commands quickly, they can also learn bad habits too. Pomskies can be stubborn sometimes, but you must not use punishment method, as its output can be awful. Praise and sweet rewards as a result of the successful training session can be very helpful and increases the Pomsky’s interest. Try to train him in short sessions and do not go for extra repetitions, If the Pomsky is interested he is going to learn something, but if he is bored the result can be the opposite. Try to start the training from the basic command like, come, sit, quiet, down and stay. You should start giving him obedience training from the little age.

Lifespan of Pomsky

The first Pomsky was created 5 to 10 years ago; it means that this is the new breed and it is quite difficult to tell about its lifespan. However, according to the dog experts, the life expectancy of 13 to 15 years, based on their characteristics and ancestral breeds.

Litter size

Mostly the dam gives birth to 5 to 7 Pomskies. The characteristics of the puppies can be different from each other even in the same litter.

Recognition of Pomsky

The Pomsky is not recognized by the American Kennel Club(AKC), as they only recognize purebred dogs. However, they are recognized by the (IPA) International Pomsky Association, (PCA) Pomsky Club of America and (DRA) Dog Registry of America, Inc.

Pomsky for Sale

Buying Guide

Buying the Pomsky puppy from online stores is not a good idea. It can be risky as you may not get the exact puppy that you purchased or expected. Don’t buy the Pomskies puppies from pet stores or dog mills. They are more interested in making money instead of taking care of the puppies. If you have seen an advertisement like “Pomsky puppies for sale,” and you want to know whether he is a reputable breeder or not. Ask him/her the following questions;

  • Insist him on seeing the parents of the Pomsky Puppies.
  • Ask him for the health certificates and if there is any health issue?
  • Ask him for the reviews from the peoples that already bought a Pomsky puppy from them.
  • Question about the puppies energy level.
  • Ask about Pomsky puppies’ age.
  • Question about his behavior around other animals.
  • Ask about the puppies’ socialization. Is the pup is well socialized?
  • How he behaves toward strangers and visitors?

Buying a puppy from a reputable breeder can be a difficult task. If you have found a reputable breeder, that means you will have a healthy Pomsky. The reputable breeder is one who gives you all health certifications of the puppy, answer all the question asked by you, and he/she is not greedy who want to unload the puppy to you and has the concern just with your money. If the breeder says that the puppy does not need health certifications, she is vet-checked, run, don’t walk from there.

Adopt Pomsky from Rescue Groups

If you do not want to spend a lot of money and afraid that you may get the sick puppy after spending several thousand dollars, here is another cheap way. You can adopt a Pomsky from the rescue centers and dog shelters. There are a lot of shelter homes and rescue groups from where you can adopt these puppies. Maybe it is difficult to find the exact breed you want to adopt, but you can find an alternative of your desired breed.

Things to Consider before buying.

You are one of the people who love Pomsky dogs, and you have decided that your next companion is the adorable Pomsky, below are some things you must consider before going to buy the puppy. Reading below guide will help you in finding a better place to purchase a Pomsky puppy.


Keep in mind that the Pomsky is an expensive breed. The puppies are expensive because they are bred by artificial insemination. The process is expensive so that the breeder will charge more money. Another reason behind the high rate oh Pomsky puppies is that it is not a common breed and not easily available. The price is also increased because the breed is favorite and everyone loves and want a Pomsky pup.


The Pomskies shed a lot, so you have to give enough time to brush and the grooming of their coat regularly.

Pomsky dog is not purebred.

You must know that the Pomskies are not purebred dogs. They are a mix of Pomeranian and Siberian Husky. Keep in mind that most of the mix breeds shed more than the Purebred dogs. If you can deal with the shedding, then you can buy this breed. The main thing which is wrong about designer dogs is that you do not know anything about them. You don’t know what good or bad characteristics your new companion inherited from his parents.

Controversy about safe breeding.

There is a controversy about the breeding of Pomsky puppies. The Siberian Husky is much bigger than the Pomeranian, and natural breeding cannot be safe in this case. They are bred by artificial insemination instead of natural breeding.

Pomsky breeders

As the popularity of the Pomky dog is increasing day by day. This made Pomsky breeders greedy, and the claims are made about the Pomsky breeders that they breed the Pomskies only to earn money. There are no reputable breeders of new famous Pomsky. So before going to buy the Pomsky puppy, research about these things.

Pomsky Puppy Price and annual expenses

pomsky pictures

The Pomsky dog is popular and also rare, this means that the price of the puppies will be high. The price of the Pomsky varies from litter to litter. Some types of Pomskies are more in demands as compared to other types. Some people like to buy the blue-eyed Pomsky, and some prefer Pomsky with a black and white coat. It also depends on the pedigree of the puppies.

The price of an average Pomsky puppy can be 2000$ up to 5000$. It depends on the age, health, and color of the breed. However, the high price is not the guarantee that your pup will be healthy. Do your homework before buying the puppy and demand all necessary certificates like health and vaccinations.

You have to spend 400$ to 500$ for the food of Pomskies, 600$ to700$ for the vet bills, 300$ for the medication and 300$+- for their health insurance.


Why Pomsky bark?

Pomsky love to bark without any reason and situation. If your house has patients or the society around your home does not like the noise, this dog is not for you.

Are Pomskies playful dogs?

Pomskies are playful and energetic dogs. They love playing with toys and chasing the rolling ball. They love their owner and keep playing around him to please him.

Are Pomskies adaptable dogs?

The little, adorable and energetic Pomsky dogs are highly adaptable. They are adaptable in small apartments with a small garden for them to run and play, but the garden must be secured with fencing. The small apartment is OK for them; you have to be careful about their exercise.

Is Pomsky good for first-time owners?

Pomskies are good for the first time owners. If you are a first time owner, and you want Pomsky to be your companion, you have to keep in mind that they want enough time. They need enough exercise to burn extra calories.

Are Pomsky good watchdogs?

Both the parents of the Pomsky are excellent watchdogs. The Pomskies inherit this feature from them. They are an excellent guard, and they pay attention to everything that is happening around them.

What are some Other names of Pomsky?

The other names of Pomskies are Husky Pom, Pom Husky, and Huskeranian.

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