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Teddy Bear dog breeds information and Pictures


You may have seen many types of adorable dogs if you are a dog lover and like to have a companion. You may have seen the different cute and lovely dogs, but if you don’t have experienced cuddling with the teddy bear dog, then you didn’t experience the whole beauty of the dogs. If you want to add a new pet family member, then you have to do proper research about the breed that you are going to live with, in the next few years. You have to research that the new member suits you, your family and the environment.

When we were in our childhood, while playing with the teddy bears, we always wished to have a real teddy bear that can move and live with us. But now, as the dog breeders are designing the dogs, that look more cute and lovely. Nowadays there are some dog breeds that look like the teddy bear. So, now the children can have the dogs like the teddy bear.

Are you excited to know more about these teddy bear dog breeds, so keep reading our complete guide to know more about these cuddly toys?

Teddy bear dog breeds

You may know that the teddy bear dog is not the specific breed. The name teddy bear dog is used to describe every dog that looks like the teddy bear. There are several breeds that are called the teddy bear dogs due to their physical characteristics like their big buttoned eyes, a big black nose and the fluffy soft coat. Teddy bear dogs are more energetic and lively dogs than the other dogs of their size. The popularity of these designer dogs is increasing day by day.

Types of teddy bear dogs

There are two main types of teddy bear dogs;

Some purebred dogs naturally look like the teddy bear like Yorkshire terrier and Schnauzer. These breeds are called the teddy bear dogs because they look naturally like the teddy bear.

The other type of the dog is specially designed to look like the teddy bear. These dogs are also called the designer dogs. Two different breeds are crossed to get a desired breed with the teddy bear-like physical characteristics.

There are many types of teddy bear dogs, but the breeds that are most popular are Shih Tzu, Poodle and Bichon Frise mixes.


The teddy bear dogs are known for their friendly nature. They love you and other pets inside the house. These dogs are intelligent and can be trained very quickly with a little effort. Most of the dogs are hypoallergenic dogs that mean they are good for people with allergies. The teddy bear dogs are loyal, and they feel happy when their owner is around them. The dogs are little in size, so we can say that these dogs are less noisy than other dogs. These dogs are suitable for little children and also for older people. They need attention and want you to be around them.  You have to house train your teddy bear dog because when they are not appropriately trained, they may pee anywhere and chew anything they want. This can be harmful to the dog’s health and also for your home.

Physical Characteristics

The teddy bear dogs have small bodies with a fluffy and soft coat. Their nose and eyes are big that looks like the buttons. They have the floppy ears that are of average size.

They need regular exercise to stay fit and burn extra calories. The teddy bear dogs have the high energy level, and they need the daily outside walk.


These dogs are for people with allergies. Not all of them but most of these are hypoallergenic because of their double coat. The people love to touch their coat because they have fluffy and soft fur. The coat comes in many colors that depend on their parents as well as the breeding.


The best thing in the teddy bear dogs is their buttoned eyes and soft silky fur. But on the other hand, they need special care for their coat so that the fur remains soft, clean and beautiful. You should comb the coat daily. Bath the teddy bear dog once in a week. It will keep him clean, and he will feel good. Take him regularly to the groomer for the professional grooming.


Teddy bear dogs are not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

These dogs were bred around the 21st century, and the purpose of the breeding was to become the therapy dogs for the disabled children.

How big do Teddy Bear get?

Different breeds are known as the teddy bear dogs, so the size can vary from breed to breed. Usually, they are smaller than average-sized dogs. The size is less than the teddy bears we see in the toy stores.

Their weight can be between 2.5 to 7 kg, and the height can be 20 to 30 cm. Teddy bear dogs have a small size so that the child can cuddle in the arms.

The health of teddy bear dogs

As the teddy bear breeds are mixes are new, and they have only been around two decades, so it will be challenging to know about the potential health problems. Depending on the parent’s health, the health potential health concerns may vary. Before buying the puppy, it is highly recommended for any breed to check the health record of the puppy and the parents as well. It is better to spend some time to search for a healthy pup, so you do not spend a lot of money visiting the vet again and again and spend on dog health supplements.

Teddy bear dogs price

The price of the teddy bear dog depends on the breed, health, energy level and also the size of the puppy. Try to purchase the puppy from a reputable breeder who can give you detailed information about the puppy’s health records. The price of the teddy bear dogs ranges from 500$ to 4000$.

Different types of Teddy bear dogs

If you are confused and do not know which teddy bear dog breed you should choose? Don’t worry. We have explained almost all the breeds below in this article. Have a look at the below section and then take home the desired one. We have tried our best to list their Pros and Cons, as well.

Bichon Frise teddy bear dog

bichon frise pictures

The Bichon Frise comes first in our list. For reason, you can see the Bichon Frise teddy bear dog’s photos. This is the purebred bred beautiful dog. His black buttoned eyes and nose resemble the teddy bear. Bichon Frise’s silky soft fur is adorable, and the dog looks like a teddy bear. Bichon Frise needs some daily exercise and an outside walk for better health. This breed is intelligent and is adaptable to any suitable living condition. This is the cutest and most beautiful among other teddy bear dogs.

Border terrier teddy bear dog

border terrier photos

Another dog breed that looks like the teddy bear is the Border terrier. This is also a purebred dog. Border terrier is always alert and is a powerful drive to hunt. He is the most energetic dog and is very intelligent. They love to dig, run and chase, so you should be careful about this. They want the owner’s attention and love to spend time with the family members. Border Terriers were bred to hunt the foxes.

Cockapoo teddy bear dog

cockapoo photos

Cockapoo is not a purebred dog. Instead, it is the mixed breed between the Cocker Spaniel breeds and a poodle. Cockapoo is the best companion dog that is affectionate and loves the family members. They do not need too much exercise that’s why they are good for the first time owners. They need some grooming due to their beautiful and soft fur so that the fur remains clean. They don’t shed too much.

Lhasa Apso teddy bear dog

lhasa apso pics

Lhasa apso was originated in the Tibet, and it is the non-sorting dog breed. In the past Lhasa apso was a watchdog, in the palaces of his homeland. Now, it is the adopted as a companion dog, but he is also known as the protective dog. They are friendly with the family members, but they need attention when a stranger tries to go near them. Early socialization is recommended to train them to behave well when the strangers are around.

Pekingese teddy bear dog

pekingese photos

Pekingese is a toy dog, originated in China. This is an ancient breed of the dog. The Pekingese has soft brown eyes, beautiful tail, and long straight and unique fur. The Pekingese looks really like a cub with the teddy bear cut. They are very alert and bark when they see strangers or when they see unusual activity. They can be stubborn sometimes, so the Pekingese Teddy bear dog is not suitable for the first time owners.

Pomeranian teddy bear dog

pomeranian pictures

These pretty teddy bears have thick and soft fur, curled tails and the faces that look like the teddy bear. Pomeranian is the dog of the spitz-type and descended from the large spitz-type dogs. Pomeranian teddy bear dog is classed as a toy dog, due to its small size. They love their owner and follow you all the time. This is the purebred dog breed, recognized by the AKC. They may be shy and alert to the strangers, but the early socialization is recommended. The Pomeranian has more health issues than other teddy bears dogs.

Yorkshire Terrier teddy bear dog

yorkshire terrier photos

The Yorkshire terrier is a beautiful small dog with a handsome personality. Yorkies were bred as a hunting dog, to hunt rodents, so they have the high prey drive. These little lap dogs are small in size, and everybody loves them. They have black buttoned nose and eyes, and silky coat, due to which they look like the teddy bear dogs. Like many other dogs, they can show aggressiveness towards the strangers and other animals. That why Yorkies are not recommended for families with small children.

Chow Chow teddy bear dog

chow chow pictures

The Chow chow is a cuddly teddy bear dog from northern China. The large head, deep and broad muzzle, a huge ruff behind the head, due to which the Chow chow teddy bear dog looks like the lion. Additionally, the black nose, small ears, dark eyes, and silky soft fur are the main characteristics due to which, it seems adorable. Chow chows are very protective and independent dogs. They may aggressive to the children and the strangers due to their protective nature. Early socialization will be beneficial in this regard. In China, the people groom the Chow chow’s to look like Pandas.

Zuchon teddy bear dog

zuchon photos

Zuchon teddy bear dog is the cross between the Shih Tzu and a Bichon Frise. The small breed of dog with adorable black eyes and nose and soft and silky coat make them look perfect like a teddy bear dog. The other good thing about the Zuchons is their lifespan. There live for up 14, 15 years that is more than the lifespan of other teddy bear dogs. They are a friendly dog and good family pets. There are some health concerns of the Zuchons, and the owner should be careful about.

Shichon teddy bear dog

shichon pictures

Shichon teddy bear dog is the cross between a Bichon Frise and a Shih Tzu. The dog is lovely and well-mannered that makes Shichon a perfect companion. The breed has a teddy bear like black and buttoned nose and eyes. The fur is silky and soft that can be straight and curly too. It is a small dog with a weight of 12 to 15 pounds and height around 11 to 12 inches. The lifespan of the Shichon teddy bear dog is about 13 to 15 years.

Poochon teddy bear dog

poochon photos

The cross between a Bichon Frise and a Toy Poodle is called the Poochon. Look at the cute Poochon! Black buttoned nose, small size, beautiful black eyes, and silky coat that is usually brown. They are the hypoallergenic dogs. This breed loves their family members and develops strong bonds with them. If they feel that the family is ignoring them and not giving enough time, it can develop separation anxiety in them. The lifespan of the Poochon teddy bear dog can be up to 15 years. Poochon may have some health problems you should be careful about.

Shih Poo teddy bear dog

shih poo photos

The Shih Poo teddy bear dog is the cross between Poodle (Miniature or Toy Poodle) and a Shih Tzu. They need some training to get along with the family members and other animals. They have the physical appearance like the teddy bears. Shih Poo is an intelligent dog, and he inherits the best characteristics of both the parents. The adorable Shih poo’s coat comes in different charming colors like red, sable, black, white and brown. The lifespan of the Shih poo is about 15 years.

Maltipoo teddy bear dog

maltipoo pictures

Maltipoo is the cross between the adorable Poodle and the Maltese. This is one of the cutest crosses of the Poodle. Maltipoos are quite small in size. These dogs are intelligent, and they love their owners. Leaving them alone for a long time can result in the separation anxiety. They feel sad when their owner is not around or not paying attention to them.

Morkie teddy bear dog

morkie photos

The Morkies are the cross between the two beautiful dog breeds, the Yorkshire terrier and the Maltese. The Morkie is a small dog breed, and they are not the teddy bear, so the children should be kept away so that they don’t hurt them. Morkie is one of those dogs that bark too much. Morkie is known as the mini teddy bear dog due to its small size. Also, they do not need a lot of exercises. They may have dental issues. Their average lifespan is about 12 to 13 years.

Schnoodle teddy bear dog

schnoodle photos

Schnoodle is another beautiful teddy bear dog in our list. This is the cross between a Poodle and a Schnauzer. The size of this breed varies in size depending on the size of the parents. The color and the type of their coat also depend on that of their parents. Schnoodle is a high maintenance dog with a lot of grooming and attention. They are intelligent dogs and can be trained with a little effort. Their temperament also can vary and even differ in the same litter depending on what characteristics they inherited from their parents.

Pictures Credits: PixabayLaurianne SmithJoshua GullCharliesMom12,Marilyn Tunaitis