Advantages and Disadvantages of Crossbreeding

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cross breeding


You have seen a dog, and you are in love with that dog. But you came to know that the dog is a designer dog (Crossbreed), and now you want to know whether is there any advantages or disadvantages of a cross breed dog. Right? First of all, I would like to explain what is Crossbreeding and what the designer dogs are, or Crossbreeds?

Crossbreeding is a process in which two or may be more than two dogs of different breeds are crossed to get a new breed of dog. Crossbreed dogs or designer dogs are also known as Hybrids. You can cross two purebred dogs, one purebred with a cross breed dog or two crossbreeds can also be crossed again to get another crossbreed. The main problem about the cross-breeding is that no one knows about the characteristics of the coming crossbreed.

Crossbreeding process is crossing two different breeds of dogs to maintain the health and other positive traits in the next breed. In ‘Designer Cross breeding,’ the dogs of different breeds are crossed, but the purpose of crossing is to share the characteristics of both parents in the puppy to gain a better breed.

Crossbreeding caused some controversy between the purebred breeders and cross breeders. People that are not in favor of cross-breeding say that we cannot get a better breed after crossing two different breeds while others say that designer dogs inherit best of traits from both of their parents.

So, now we are going to list the advantages and disadvantages of cross-breeding or crossbreeds.

Advantages of Crossbreeding

Better Health

Better health is the main advantage in case of cross breeds. It is thought that designer dogs are healthier than purebred dog breeds. Two breeds combine the best of their genetics, and due to this, the designer dog becomes healthier.

It is thought (and is somehow true) that the purebred dogs inherit the health concerns from the damsire. This disease transfers from one generation to the next generation but crossbreeding decrease the chances of these genetics diseases in the new puppies.

These dogs can become Purebred in the future

There is another advantage of the crossbreed that these dogs can become a purebred in the future.

Unique and Adorable dogs

This is the main purpose of the designer dog breeders to get a puppy with unique and adorable physique. You are going to get a dog which is different from all other dog breeds. And you know that people like new things.

Budget Friendly

If we compare the prices of Purebred dogs like German Shepherd, Pug or Siberian Husky with Cross breeds like Bernedoodle, Shih Poo or Cavachon, it is revealed that the purebreds are expensive in most of the cases. Also, people can find the mix breed puppies from the shelters and rescue homes with less price.

You are going to get the best of two different breeds

Another and main advantage of the designer dogs is that you are going to get a puppy which will have the characteristics of both the parents. For example, I love both Siberian husky and German shepherd, but cannot decide whom to buy. I will be more than happy if I will buy a Gerberian Shepsky (German Shepherd Husky Mix), as this pooch has the traits of both parents.

Disadvantages of Crossbreeds

Unpredictable Temperament

If you have a purebred dog are you going to buy a Purebred dog, let’s say Kangal dog. You know the personality and behavior of the breed. You know how the dog behaves with different persons and situations. But, in case of Mix breeds, it is difficult to predict the temperament of the upcoming puppies. For example, one breed is a companion dog, and other is aggressive. Now it is not easy to predict the behavior and personality of the puppy.

Difficult to predict Size

Like the temperament of the crossbreeds, it is also difficult to say about the size and age of the designer dogs. It depends on the composition of the genes from both parent breeds. This composition cannot be determined. So, it is challenging to predict the size of the crossbreed dogs.

Can be expensive (In some Cases)

These dogs can also be expensive in some cases. We have an example Pomsky, a cross of Pomeranian and Husky. This breed is costly because it is crossed by artificial insemination due to the size difference of the Pomeranian and Husky. The artificial insemination is expensive that made Pomsky expensive too.

Crossbreeds may have difficulties in birth

If the dogs are different in sizes, the mating problem can be solved by artificial insemination, but they can have difficulties in birth.

Final Words

It is difficult to know which type of dogs breeds are better, Purebred or Crossbreeds. Both of them have Advantages and disadvantages. We have tried our best to let you know all Pros. and Cons. of designer dogs. If you still need some help, you can ask us in the comments section below.

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