pomsky puppies photos

Pomsky puppies: Pomeranian husky-mix types with size and price


Pomsky puppies are one of the cutest puppies, which we get from the artificial insemination of the Pomeranian and Siberian husky. These puppies are one of the latest discoveries of the breeders. The Pomsky, especially Pomsky puppies are gaining more and more popularity. It the best family dog and known to be the perfect companion. The Pomsky puppies are unique according to their physical characteristics as well as personality. The first Pomsky puppy was bred in 2012, by Tressa Peterson and Arizona. The first puppy was produced by artificial insemination when they transferred the semen of Pomeranian into a female Siberian husky.

pomsky puppies photos

Different types of Pomsky puppies

There are five most famous types of Pomsky puppies that are loved all around the world.

Plush Husky

Most of the people like this type of Pomsky puppies, due to its small stature and cuteness as well. Size like Pomeranian and other physical characteristics make this type of Pomskies more adorable. Plush husky has Husky color markings, Pomeranian like coat, and a thick tail.

Foxy Pomsky

Foxy Pomsky is the most popular type of the Pomsky puppies with beautiful blue eyes. The type has long pointed nose reddish colored coat like a fox. It looks like that the Foxy Pomsky inherits bone structure from the Husky and frame from the Pomeranian.

Pure White Stunner

This Pomsky type is mostly seen in a short and white color coat. But the color of this type can be Grey, black or Red. Pure white stunner has solid colors and large size.

Blue-eyed Brownie

The main features of Blue-eyed brownie Pomsky are deep blue eyes and brown double-layered coat. Most of the people like them because of their eyes and coat colors. The size of these dogs can be small or large.

Short-haired Cutie

Attractive short haired coat, ideal size, and cuteness are the main features of Short-haired Cutie Pomsky.

Pomsky puppies Variation

  • 50% Siberian husky x 50% Pomeranian = 50/50 Pomsky
  • 25% Siberian husky x 75% Pomeranian = 25/75 Pomsky
  • 75% Siberian husky x 26% Pomeranian = 75/25 Pomsky

Also, it is same for 37.5/62.5 Pomsky, 62.5/37.5 Pomsky and so on.

Pomsky puppy Diet

It is recommended to feed the Pomsky puppies, more than three times a day. Their stomach must not be filled in one go. Pomsky puppies must be given high-quality food to ensure better health. They must consume the food that is high in protein and has a moderate amount of fat. Also, they must be given proper exercise to burn off extra calories. Feeding the balanced diet with the right quantity and adequate exercise is very important for the health of Pomsky puppies.

There is a list of food item that is good and not good for Pomsky puppies.

  • Dry dog food
  • Turkey
  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Eggs
  • Potatoes
  • Rice
  • Yogurt
  • Peanut Butter

Don’t eat

  • Chocolates
  • Alcohol
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Almonds
  • Coffee

Socializing a Pomsky Puppy

Early socialization of the Pomsky is necessary when he is a little puppy. It is important to socialize your puppy if you don’t want your puppy to bark at the strangers and other pets. You should start this from the first day you bring your pooch to home. It is a good idea to invite your friends with their pets to come and meet your new Pomsky puppy. Ask them to greet and welcome him.

pomsky puppies pics

This is a good idea to introduce them to your Pomsky puppy, and this will help your Pomsky puppy recognizing them in the future. After some time, when your pup is aware of your friends and neighbors take him outside the house, so that he can hear different sounds, meet with other pets and animals. Giving your Pomsky puppy enough time, socializing with the strangers and pets, will help you shortly as the Pomsky will be aware of all these things.

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Training the Pomsky puppy

If you do not want your Pomsky puppy not too stubborn, harming himself and others and putting you in trouble, then start training and teaching how to live, eat, run and sleep. This is an intelligent breed and will respond well to your training. Pomsky puppies can learn quickly, so that will not be a big deal to train them. It is advised to keep the training sessions short so that they should not feel tired. Start the Pomsky puppies’ training with the basic command like Sit, Stand, Come, go up, and down, etc. If you praise them with the sweet rewards, when they do well, it can increase their interest to learn more. It should not be forced training and do not use the punishment method; instead, the training sessions should be full of fun.

Pomsky puppies as a gift

Pomsky puppies are a beautiful gift for your children and love ones. This will be one of the cutest gifts ever for the person who is going to receive this gift from you.

Pomsky Puppy’s Price

Pomsky puppies are known to be one of the most expensive dog breeds. The Pomsky puppies are so expensive because they are bred by the artificial insemination. The breeders use this expensive method because the natural process can be risky, as there is a huge difference between Pomeranian and Siberian husky’s sizes. The other reason for their huge price is their cuteness and popularity. Pomsky puppies are so cute that people all around the world love them, and popularity of these pooches increased quickly.

Still, the price of a Pomsky puppy depends on different factors, like size, energy level and color and markings of the puppy. However, one can find a Pomsky puppy between 2000$ to 5000$.

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Things you need for Pomsky puppy

Below is a list of the supplies that every Pomsky puppy owner need. These are the suggested supplies that will help you.

Crate – Water and Food Bowls – Toys – Brush – Tooth Paste – Dog soap

Picture Credits:centralpupsmedia

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