how to get rid on dogs

How to get rid of Fleas on your dog


There are more than 2000 dog breeds of dogs in the world. Fleas can be found in any breed of dogs. Fleas cannot fly but can easily walk from on from one dog to another. These insects feed on the blood of dogs. These fleas are cause many diseases in the dogs. You can use some tools, chemical products and natural ways to get rid of fleas on your dog. Fleas are health threat for your dog and you can also suffer indirectly.

What are Fleas

Fleas are the small insects that feed on the blood and live inside the coat of the dogs. You can see it with your eyes, but they are not easy to catch. They have six legs and can jump from one host (dog) to another host. Their bodies have tiny hairs. Their numbers start increasing when they start to lay eggs. They can live on the body of the host from several weeks to months.

how to get rid on dogs

Symptoms of Fleas in Dogs

Some symptoms will let you know that there are fleas on your dog. The dog will bite, lick or chew its skin or coat more than normal. When they suck the blood of the host, the host feels pain and try to rub, lick or chew that spot. It can cause swelling or itching if your dog is allergic. Fleas are found in the coat of the host, where the hairs are more, like on the back, or inside the back legs. Comb your dog, if the flea dirt came outside with the dead hairs, it means that the fleas are present.

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Causes of Fleas in dogs

The cause of the fleas on the dog’s skin is simple. These are parasites and feed on the host’s blood. Their presence is natural and they land on your dog’s coat by different ways. The female lays a lot of eggs per day due to which their population increases very quickly.

How to get rid of Fleas in dogs (Treatment)

Once you have spotted some fleas on your dog, it is important to pay attention because these are painful as well as reason for many diseases. Below are some simple methods to get rid of these parasites:

  • Using Shampoo (Special Flea Shampoo)

There are some shampoos available in the markets that are specially made for fleas. Bath your dog with these shampoos, and it will wipe away some or maybe all of these insects.

dog shampoo
  • Flea Comb

Using a flea comb is the most common, easy but time consuming method to remove fleas from the coat of your pet. Flea combs are easily available in the market. Other advantage is that you can inspect the coat of your pooch and also, remove other wastes inside coat like dead hairs etc. Also, combing will keep your pet well-groomed. It also, removes the larvae, eggs and other small particles from the coat that cannot be removed by shampooing.

  • Wash cloth and Bedding

First of all check all the cloths and bedding of your dog for fleas regularly. Wash them with a detergent as it will kill and wash all the fleas inside these cloths or fabrics. Heating these cloths will definitely give you better results.

  • Clean the Floor

To save your beloved pooches from fleas, you have to clean your floor and carpets. It also includes all places where your dog can reach, sit or sleep. Cleaning your house is very important in this regard. If you do not take action, they can spread in the entire home.


Take these action related to your dog and home to prevent fleas even come inside your house because the “prevention is better than cure.”

It is important to keep your house and households clean and dry. Keep your dog away from other pets that are already suffering. Also, don’t allow your pet to go outside unattended as he can sit or play at an area where the fleas can reach their body.

It was a very simple and informative post to help your dog get rid of fleas easily. If you have any questions, you can ask us in the comments section below. We will feel more than happy to assist you.

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