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Black German Shepherd – History Temperament Appearance


A German shepherd is a name we hear commonly, but what about BLACK GERMAN SHEPERD? There is a myth that this dog is a mix breed or crossbreed. Here we will explain about genetics and other qualities of this breed, and yes! This is a pure breed, it belongs to the German shepherd breed, and the only difference is their black coat.

It is a little difficult to get a pure black German shepherd. The reason for this breed is DOMINANT and RECESSIVE genes. As it is hard to get such breeds, it makes black German shepherd very expensive.

This dog can be your best companion with its dominant appearance, training ability, and stable temperament. Black German Shepherds are so
, loyal, and loving that they can be used as watchdogs, police dogs, and family dogs as well.


In the early 18th century, Black German shepherd was used as a herding dog to herd folks and cattle in Germany. This is the place from where it got popularity. German cavalry officer; Captain Max Von Stephanitz wanted to use this breed in some productive ways, as his strong physic and intelligence makes him superior to other breeds. The first German shepherd was recognized in 1899 that was named as Hektor Linksrhein at that time.

Black German shepherd went through many stages of recognition and identity as it became less popular after the first world war, due to its link with Germany.

A German shepherd has also won CRUFTS in 2016.

A black German shepherd with its beautiful coat, strong body and unique characteristics stands at the top in dog breeds.

Personality and temperament of black German shepherd

The black German shepherd is known to be a violent dog. It does not get attached or franks easily, but once it becomes familiar he will prove to be the best companion. Although Black German Shepherds are considered to be great guard dogs, they are attention seeker as well and like to spend time with their owner. With their kind, loving, protective, and supportive nature they tend to be perfect aid dogs for blinds, deaf and handicapped persons.

To get a perfect watchdog and family oriented pet, you need to socialize it from early ages when it is a puppy. It will help him to learn about well-behaved behavior toward strangers and to make you aware in case of an unusual situation.

No doubt they are good watchdogs. However, they love to be around their owner, and if left alone they could be a victim of depression and anxiety. It might harm itself by biting or continuously barking. If trained and brought up in the right way it will prove itself a perfect family dog.

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The physical appearance of black German shepherd

Black German shepherd can be seen with medium or long coat. Sometimes they get a double coat, having a thick layer outside and with a softer undercoat. They have straight back with square shaped head and perpendicular ears. They have long necks which makes them prominent. The overall personality of black German shepherd shows power and dignity.

black german shepherd

Taking care of black German shepherd

If you own a black German shepherd, you will be happy to know that it is much easy to raise this dog as compared with others. As they are intelligent and kind of sophisticated they like to be cleaned and groomed. Here are some things you would like to know about diet, training, and grooming of your dog.


Puppy BSG require more amount of food as their stomach grows and works fast in this age. At their puppy ages, they like to do activities like running and jumping which requires more calories. It is better to feed your dog four times a day.

At the age of 6 months old, you may reduce the meal bowl from 4 to 3. Feeding 2 times a day to an elder dog will be enough.

For a grown and mature breed, it is advised to feed your dog according to his weight. Check the number of calories and protein in the ingredient list; however, you can keep carbohydrates at less priority as they are not necessary for this breed.

The exact requirement of calories can be determined from below list:

Male2200 to 3000 calories1300 to 1800 calories
Female1700 to 2500 calories1000 to 1500 calories

Keep checking the weight of your dog to know about his diet requirements and also to maintain his good health.


As these dogs are known to be working dogs, exercise is mandatory for them. They like to go hiking, swimming and playing with kids in the garden. This breed is highly intelligent so, giving them tasks to find things or solve puzzles will be a good exercise for them. It will keep their muscles strong, and brains sharp.


These dogs are a good learner and pick things quickly. If you want to make your dog a perfect family dog, the first thing to do is socializing. Socialize them with every kind of person from your family, friends, and neighbors. It will help him to know about behaviors of others and how to respond to them.

Appreciate them, when they do something good or behave according to your will, by rewarding food or patting on the back.


This guy has got a double coat, which makes it necessary to brush it on a daily basis. Trimming and maintenance of coat are much needed to keep it safe from knots. Mostly owners take their dogs to professional saloons for perfect bath and grooming.

Their ear needs to be clean and dry out daily as they stand vertically on their head so, they can be a victim of dust allergies and infections caused by unclean air. Brush their teeth with toothpaste designed for dogs. When needed, trim their nails off.

Start grooming your dog at a very young age to include this in his habits to stay clean.

Health issues of Black German shepherd

All large breeds tend to have more health issues because of their rapid growth. These breeds often get health seriousness from their parents so; it’s better to look for health certification of your dog as well as of his parents. The most commonly known health problems in this breed are:

Hip dysplasia: This is a common problem in large breeds where an abnormal development of hips leads to disability or weakness. This can be cured through surgery.

Canine degenerative myelopathy: This is a defect which occurs in the spinal cord and results in leg paralysis.

It is better to take your dog to a veterinarian for a daily checkup. These breeds often become a victim of spinal deceases and can be cured through medication and surgeries.

Buying a black German shepherd

The black German shepherd is costly because of their rarity and uniqueness. You may get fooled by some breeders. So, be careful while buying a BGS, ask for paperwork and detail information about breed, parents and health certification.

black german shepherd

It can be more costly depending on its coat, and silkiness of hair. Always try to refer a good breeder and consult with local dog walkers as well for complete guidelines.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do German shepherd make good family dogs?

Yes, they are good family guards.

  • How often should I feed my BGS?

There is a guideline about feeding German Shepherd, read it here.

  • What is the average lifespan of a German shepherd?

9-13 years.

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