german sgepherd husky mix

German shepherd husky mix – Info about the Gerberian Shepsky dog


German shepherd husky mix is a cross breed between two famous dogs the German Shepherds and Siberian Huskies. It is an intelligent and brave canine. It is also known as Gerberian Shepsky. With a long and lean body, it has a remarkable resemblance to the wolf.

Origin and History of German Shepherd Husky Mix

The German shepherds were bred as the herding dogs in the 20th century and became popular in the Europe and United States. This intelligent breed was also used for the military and police purposes. In the beginning, they were used as the sled dogs, but then they were trained to be the family dogs. Later these dogs were imported to Canada and Alaska.

Siberian husky was bred for the purpose of working (Sledding) about 3000 years ago. Then these dogs brought to North America in 20th century.

Due to the fact, Gerberian Shepsky is a new hybrid breed; there is not much known about the origin and the history of German shepherded husky mix. But it is said that this loving and affectionate dog was bred in the 1980s. The Goberian Shepsky is popular among people who like both German Shepherd and Siberian Husky.

Personality and temperament of German Shepherd Husky Mix

German shepherd Husky Mix is a mix breed so it can be a working companion for humans or a pet dog. Gerberian Shepsky has a loyal and alert nature, so it is classified into working and herding categories of dogs. They can assist humans in many tasks.

They have a calm and gentle temperament. German shepherd husky mix inherits an intelligent personality and friendly nature from the parents’ breeds. Both the parents of this breed are a great family pet so Gerberian Shepsky will surely love your kids.

Gerberian Shepskys are powerful and active dogs. They are affectionate and gentle but act aggressively when they sense a threat. They are loud barkers and are famous for voicing their opinions. You should not adopt a Gerberian Shepsky if you cannot devote enough time to your pooch.

Pros And Cons of German Shepherd Husky Mix

By combining two hardworking, loyal and intelligent dogs you ultimately get Gerberian Shepsky. So, you have decided to adopt this breed but here are a few pros and cons you should know before making a decision:

  • They are loyal to their owners which
    makes them the great family dogs.
  • They are a playful companion.
  • Gerberian Shepsky love to chase squirrels and rabbits
  • Due to their similar resemblance to the
    dire wolves, these dogs have become quite famous.
  • They are active dogs.
  • CONS.
  • When they are left home alone for a long
    time, they get bored and show their boredom through behavior.
  • In hot weather, they may not be
    comfortable as they have double coats.
  • Physical Appearance of German Shepherd Husky Mix

    German shepherd Husky Mix is a medium to large who has an average height of 20-25 inches. The average weight of Gerberian Shepsky 45-48 lbs. The average life of this breed is approximately 13 years. However, it also depends on the diet and health of your pooch.

    The dog’s weight, growth, and height depend on diet and health so your Gerberian Shepsky may live longer than thirteen years.

    They come in several colors like blue, red, cream, pepper, white, grey, golden and light brown. They have straight hair double coat that can be short, long, medium or dense depending on the parents and the environment they live in.

    The double coat of this breed provides protection against overly hot and cold weathers. Gerberian Shepskys are considered moderate shedder. They usually have dual-colored eyes.

    Taking Care of German Shepherd Husky Mix

    Gerberian Shepskys are active and intelligent dogs and make a good companion. You have made up your mind to adopt a pooch but make sure you know how to take care of a pet.

    german shepherd husky mix


    Gerberian Shepskys belong to the breed that requires a high amount of exercise during the day. No matter it is still a puppy or a grown-up dog it needs exercise daily because its parents are extremely active dogs. If you have decided to own a Gerberian Shepsky, then make sure that you have enough space for him to roam free in the house. If not, then you can take your pooch out in the park for a walk and play.

    It needs minimum two long walks a day and a fair amount of running in the park. Also, it needs some games in between for the physical activity. If Gerberian Shepsky is not taking enough exercise daily, then it starts to develop serious behavioral issues such as destructive chewing, excessive barking, and howling, etc. You can take the help of a professional dog walker if you are unable to find time to take your pooch on a daily walk.


    Both the parents of Gerberian Shepsky are intelligent and active, so they are easily trainable. You can quickly teach them to listen to your verbal commands, and they start reacting well to whistling. Positive reinforcement can help you train your Gerberian Shepsky in no time. They begin to perform up to your expectations. But here is the thing you need to keep in mind. Train them in the puppyhood. If you want to train a grown-up Gerberian Shepsky, then it will not be that easy.


    Gerberian Shepsky is a mix breed of dog, so it needs the right balance of nutrients to accommodate all the activities. It is known to have a healthy appetite so make sure you choose the dog food which your German Shepherd Husky Mix (Gerberian Shepsky) likes. The puppies are growing up, so they need more calories than a grown-up dog. You should consult a vet before deciding what dog food should be given to your Gerberian Shepsky.


    Though the German Shepherd Husky Mix does not shed too much, still you need to make sure that you don’t have anyone in the home suffering from allergies. You will quickly notice hair in the house because Gerberian Shepskys do shed. Make sure your pooch does not have long nails. Also, remove the wax from its ears and bathe him whenever needed. Brush the double coats of this breed thrice times a week.

    Living environment:

    Gerberian Shepskys can perfectly handle the excessively cool environments. But in the desert like areas where there is hot weather they will not be comfortable learn more. They live happily in a large space so if you have a large backyard they will be able to roam and play around freely.

    Health Concerns of German Shepherd Husky Mix

    Taking care of your German Shepherd Husky Mix is your responsibility. You must be aware of the health concerns associated with this breed:

    Elbow and Hip Dysplasia: It results in unstable and loose joints in dogs. Obesity is one of the leading elements of Elbow and Hip Dysplasia. But you can prevent it by maintaining a healthy diet for your dog. If the dog is having the required amount of exercise, then there are lesser chances of this disease.

    Cancer: Siberian Huskies and German Shepherds are prone to cancer. So, depending on the health of Gerberian Shepskys cancer can develop into any part of their body.

    Ear Infections: They have large ears due to which Gerberian Shepskys are prone to ear infections. So, it is highly essential to clean their ears regularly.

    Buying a German Shepherd Husky Mix puppy

    No matter what type of dog you are going to adopt, keep the following points in mind:

    • Always contact a reputable breeder.
    • Ask who the parents of this breed are.
    • What is the age of the dog you are buying?
    • What health concerns are associated with the pooch?
    gerberian shepsky

    If the breeder is reluctant in providing you the information about the parents’ breed and history, then you should not buy from him.


    How much is a German shepherd husky mix?

    The cost of this breed puppy is $400-$1000.

    Is a German shepherd husky mix a good dog?

    Yes, it is a loyal, intelligent and active dog.

    How long do Husky shepherds live?

    The average lifespan of Husky shepherds is 11 years.

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