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Pomsky puppies for sale: Pomeranian Husky buying guide


So, you have decided to buy the Pomsky puppy and looking for an ad or place like “Pomsky puppies for sale?” But you need some information and tips so you can get the best Pomsky puppy. You are at the right place because like all other puppies we have a complete list of the reputable breeder, whether it is a physical shop or online. Before going to the list of the breeders of your area, we would suggest you to read the instructions ‘how to find a perfect Pomsky puppy from the reputable breeders and to spot the scams.

pomsky puppy

First of all, I would like to discuss some characteristics of the Pomsky puppies.

Activity Level: HighGrooming Level: HighTrainability: Moderate
Adaptability: ModerateKid/Pet-Friendly: OftenAverage Size: Medium
Average Lifespan: 13-15 YearsPrey Drive: ModerateWatchdog: Very Alert

Things to consider before buying a Pomsky puppy

First of all, search for a reputable breeder, and view the reviews of the previous customers who already purchased a puppy from that breeder. If they do not have a website, they must have a facebook page. If they do not have a facebook page, then ask the local people about the reputation of the breeder.

When the breeders do not allow you to visit the place, where the Pomsky puppies were bred, if the breeder does not give you the guarantee of the health of the pup, if he accepts only cash, please run, do not walk from there. That’s because they can give you a puppy that looks like a Pomsky but is not. They can give you a sick puppy. Use the internet to know the right price of the Pomsky puppies and do not pay more than that price.

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So, when you are buying the Pomsky puppy, ask all the questions about the health, pedigree, vaccination, energy level and intelligence of the puppy.

Pomsky puppies can be as small as 10 pounds and as big as 30 pounds and 15 inches. Most of the Pomsky lovers, maybe you too, do not like to have a big Pomsky. People love the small Pomsky because they want Siberian husky’s physique in Pomeranian’s size with its characteristics too. But, unfortunately, there is no guarantee about the Pomsky’s size, when it will be fully grown. Instead, we can estimate the size of Full-grown Pomsky.

Pomsky Puppies for sale Worldwide

Pomsky puppies for sale in Canada

Pomsky puppies for sale in the UK

Pomsky puppies for sale in NY

Name: Pomsky Pups          Email: [email protected]

Pomsky puppies for sale in Pa

Name: Whistle Hill Pomskies     Email: [email protected]  Website: http://whistlehillpuppies.com/

Pomsky puppies for sale in Michigan

Name: Frozen River Pomskies   Email: [email protected]

Pomsky puppies for sale in Iowa

Pomsky puppies for sale in Indiana

Name: AMS Pomskies     Email: [email protected]      Website: http://www.huskypomsky.com

Pomsky puppies for sale in Ky

Name: Avalanche Pomskies Email: [email protected]  Website:  avalanchepomskies.com

Pomsky puppies for sale in Mn

Name: Skywatcher Kennels    Phone: 320-267-2073 Facebook:   www.facebook.com/skywatcherkennels

Pomsky puppies for sale in Va

Name: Pomskies  Email: [email protected]  Website: http://pomskies.com/

Pomsky puppies for sale in California

Pomsky puppies for sale in Illinois

Conclusion and Disclaimer

The above list of the reputable breeders of the Pomsky puppies is our research using the internet. We do not know any of the above breeders, and none of them has paid us to be listed here. We have researched and chosen the best breeders for your ease. However, we are not responsible for anything.

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