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Irish Doodle – Information about the Irish setter Poodle mix


The designer dog known as Irish Doodle is an intentional breed and is characterized by devotion and loyalty. They seek to combine the happy go lucky nature of the Irish setter with the non-shedding coat and intelligence of a poodle. The Irish Doodles are excellent family dogs and ideal for apartment life.

Origin and History of Irish Doodle

The Irish Doodles are medium sized dogs. Irish doodle is designed by crossing the Poodle and Irish setter and it is one of the most popular mixes of the Poodle. The offspring usually inherits the non-shedding coat of the poodle and light-hearted friendly nature of the Irish setter. The Irish Doodles first became famous in the 18th century. Poodles were developed in Germany, and they were known as Pudlehund. People view Poodle as a trained entertainment animal. However, they were bred to be a hardworking retriever of waterfowl.  The Irish setters were developed as the hunting dogs at some point in the 1700s in Ireland. Later, these dogs were imported to the United States as gun dogs.

Personality and temperament of Irish Doodle

The Irish doodle is an energetic and intelligent but sometimes sensitive animal that craves human camaraderie. Irish Doodles are loving, affectionate and eager to please. They have significant native intelligence inherited from the parents. They love to learn which makes them an exceptionally trainable animal. Both the Irish setter and poodles are good with children, but some poodle lines are physically sensitive than others.

They startle easily due to stimuli such as loud sounds, quick actions, and unexpected touch. Dogs that exhibit such traits cannot handle children well. They may become emotionally disturbed in a house with too much chaos.  In that case, you should let them socialize to help learn to deal with the outside stimulus.  However, in most cases, this breed loves to play and learn and proves a good companion.

Pros. And Cons. Of Irish setter Poodle mix

It is the careful disposition of the Irish Doodles that has made them equally good with the other family pets and kids. However, before buying this breed, the following are the pros and cons you need to know:

  • Irish Doodles are extremely friendly.
  • They are good with kids.
  • This Irish setter & Poodle mix is usually intelligent.
  • Irish doodles are quite energetic.
  • They are often Hypoallergenic.
  • Irish doodles are generally healthier.
  • Typically Irish doodles are good travelers.
  • CONS.
  • You may see some behavioral problems in them.
  • They are sometimes stubborn and manipulative.
  • Physical Appearance of Irish Doodle

    The Irish Doodles are medium to large dogs with a square build and a fairly narrow elegant head. They have a long muzzle that can be straight and fine like the poodle or square and sturdy like the Irish setter. Their ears are very close to their eyes. They have medium to dark brown eyes of oval or almond shape. Their coat may vary somewhat in composition and color from dog to dog.

    irish doodle

    Taking Care of Irish Doodle

    It is great to have a puppy in the house, but giving a right kind of care and attention to your pet is of immense importance.


    Though Irish Doodles are energetic dogs, not much exercise is required for them. Take them out on the leash for a small jogging session every day. Let them play freely every day. Simply a moderate amount of daily walk is required for this breed to have a happy mind and a healthy body. Remember, they may fall prey to obesity if they are not having enough exercise.  It is great if you have an enclosed yard but if not let your pooch play outside freely.

    Training an Irish setter Poodle mix:

    The standard poodle is an easily trainable dog, but Irish setter is not always so. Irish setter gets bored easily. So training an Irish Doodle is unpredictable. It may demand patience and commitment from their trainers. Once the training session is over, they prove to be the best-trained dogs in the neighborhood. It is highly essential to give pack leader and obedience training to them from an early stage. Train them to socialize and accustomed to meet new faces.

    Diet of Irish Doodle

    It is highly essential to know that if the dog you own has some food allergies. If your dog is suffering from any food allergy, then make sure you do not serve those foods to your pooch. Besides, it is the responsibility of the owner to give food to his dog that fulfills its nutrition requirements. Remember that each dog is indeed an individual and what works well for one may not work for others. So, make sure you give food to your dog that is the best for its mental and physical growth. It is better to consult a vet to know what food you should give to your Irish Doodle.


    Irish Doodles practically do not shed, are hypoallergenic dogs and good for those with allergies. Hence, it is effortless to groom them. They have a wavy coat so brush them as many times as you want to. Brushing the of Irish Doodle’s coat at least twice a week with a solid bristle brush would be enough. The long-eared dogs need your attention to maintain their ear hygiene. Also, dry-shampooing and bathing are advisable whenever your dog is dirty. Trim the nails of your pooch when they grow long.

    Living Environment

    Irish Doodles are considered active and energetic dogs, but they live well in apartments as long as they have enough exercise. With an average sized yard, they live best as they are moderate indoor active.

    Health Concerns of Irish Doodle

    They are generally healthy dogs, but they are a hybrid breed, so there are the chances for them to inherit the diseases from one or both parents. Following are a few dog health problems the Irish Doodles can suffer from:

    Hypothyroidism: It is a disease that can be found in any breed. But it is most common in large breeds and Irish Setters etc. The most common signs of Hypothyroidism include weight gain, skin diseases, intolerance to cool temperatures and inactivity, etc.

    Infections: Irish Setters are prone to viral and bacterial infections including rabies, distemper, and parvo. Many of these infections are preventable through the injections. So, it is highly essential to consult your vet whenever you see any signs of infections in your dog.

    Obesity: It can be a major health problem in Irish Setters. It can cause joint problems, back pain, heart diseases, metabolic and digestive disorders.

    Other health problems your Irish doodle can suffer from include epilepsy, Legg-Perthes, Von Willebrand’s Disease, Joint dysplasia, Patellar Luxation, CAD, OCD, HOD, and Panosteitis, etc.

    Buying an Irish Doodle puppy:

    You have decided to bring an Irish Doodle puppy into the home. Puppies are good, but you should make sure that you know everything about the breed of your dog and its medical history. The most vital thing to do before buying a dog is to research the breeder. Ask the breeder to show the mother of the puppy you want to buy. See the place where it is living. Once you are satisfied with the information given by the breeder, then make arrangements at your home.


    How big is a full grown Irish doodle?

    They have a height range that begins from around 28 inches in males and 22 inches in females.

    What is the average life of an Irish setter Poodle mix?

    They live typically 12-15 years.

    What is the price of an Irish Doodle?

    They can cost between $1350 to $ 2400.

    Picture Credits: Bram Top/Flickr, Keith Ola Shoebridge (olamefein)/Flickr.