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Are you making these 9 common dog training mistakes?


Like humans, dogs may also have difficulties in learning new things. But this does not mean that your dog is dumb, or stubborn. No one in this world is perfect, so while training if your pooch makes some mistakes, forget and be patient. They will learn slowly, and you have to be patient. Every dog owner wants his dog to be obedient and correctly trained, but training the dog can sometimes be a difficult task if you are training in the wrong way. Below is the list of 9 dog training mistakes you should not make during your dog training.

1. Not starting in early age

Not starting the training in early age is the first mistake of dog training. It is better to start the training from the day you bring the dog to your home. Small dogs learn quickly as compared to the older ones. They have the ability to learn and remember things. Like you are planning to buy a Shih Poo puppy, then after basic shots, you must start teaching you pooch, the basics of the training.

2. Too much repetition (Too much practice) or less

Do not repeat again and again one thing even if the dog is not getting it. Your dog will not be able to concentrate and interested if your repute one thing again and again. Keep the training sessions short and do not repeat again and again. This is the one of the worst dog training mistake, most of the dog owners make at the beginning of the training.

3. Not enough Training

Try to give enough time for the training of your dog. Decide a time for the dog training and try to give that time to your dog. Training is not the thing that you have done once and then you think that the dog will learn. They need 15 to 20 minutes of training sessions three to four times per week.

4. Punishment methods

Are you using the harsh techniques like punishment when your dog does not perform well? You are making a mistake. Using these harsh methods can be the reason of frustration for both you and your pooch. Instead be friendly and do not force your dog to do something.

dog training

5. Same method, Same place, Again and again

Same method, same time, same place and same behavior! How boring? If you are using all these things again and again, then the dog feels boring and will not be interested in learning. It is recommended to use new and new techniques, with all different methods to attract your dog. Keep the training sessions interesting.

6. Impatience

Patience is a must if you are trying to train your dog and teaching him to follow your instructions. If the dog is not responding well to your training you must explore local businesses, it does not mean that your dog is dumb or stubborn. It is possible that the dog is not ready to learn at that time, and he has some other problems.

7. You are not making a friendly environment (Treats, rewards, appreciation)

If the dog does well, are you appreciating your pooch? In training, it is, beneficial for the dog if you are appreciating if your dog is performing well. Sweet rewards, treats and appreciation hugs to show love are the best things to motivate a dog for the training.

8. Training when the dog is not ready (Not In mood)

If you are prepared to teach your dog at 4:00 Pm, but you think your dog is not ready. His mode is not to go outside; instead he wants to sleep or something relaxing. What you will do? Will you force your pooch not to relax and be ready to learn the command, understand and remember? I think that would not be a great idea. If you think your dog is not ready to learn, it is better to skip that day and continue from the next day.

9. You are not consistent (Timing matters)

You have to be consistent when training your dog. Inconsistency is terrible and will confuse your dog. For example, the First day when your dog does not perform well you are showing patience and the other day when the dog does not perform well, you are out of mind. When you have decided one thing is allowed for your dog, then try to teach your dog by your behavior and commands that this is not allowed and is a bad thing.

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