chiweenie puppies

Chiweenie Puppies


Chiweenie puppies are not purebred. This small breed is the crossbreed of the Chihuahua and Dachshund. The Chiweenie puppies are small with short legs. When you are going to buy a designer dog, like the Chiweenie puppies, there is no guarantee what you are going to get. The designer dogs can have different characteristics even in the same litter. So, before buying any designer dog, keep these things in mind.

Chiweenie puppies are extra small. These puppies have tiny bodies and small legs. Buy them if you don’t have small kids because these puppies don’t bear the harsh pulling and pushing.

chiwenie puppy

Chiweenie puppies are an excellent companion for the travel lovers. These dogs are portable due to their small size. So, they make great travel companions as it is easy to carry them everywhere with yourself.

Chiweenie Puppies Training

Training the Chiweenie puppies can be a little bit difficult task because of these dogs stubborn sometimes. Using the punishment method may not work for this breed. Don’t let the training boring and the dog frustrated due to this. Instead, make the training fun by praising the Chiweenie puppy with hugs and sweet rewards when the puppy does well. Training sessions must be short without any unnecessary repetitions. Using these techniques, the owner will be able to get a well-trained and well-mannered Chiweenie.

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Socializing a Chiweenie puppy

Socializing of a Chiweenie puppy from the younger age is very important. The owner should begin socializing as earlier as possible. If possible, start socialization from the day you bring the Chiweenie puppy to the house. The trainer should introduce the puppy with old people and children and pets like cat, other dogs and also with other animals. Try walking on different surfaces, like road, stairs, footpaths, etc. Socializing also includes the hearing of different sounds like the barking of a dog, sounds of the washing machine, grinder, juicer machine, vehicles, and TV. Give him different food items to eat that are suitable for this breed. Going to friends home, Taking your dog to the office, going to the park for a walk and inviting the friends to see your new pup will help in socializing your new friend.

Chiweenie puppies Diet

Chiweenie puppies are energetic so they will need a balanced and healthy diet. Dry kibble will be suitable food for them, as they are prone to dental diseases. However, they can eat wet food too, if they cannot chew the dry kibble due to dental issues. Usually, the Chiweenie puppies need half or one cup of dry kibble. But it is recommended to consult with your vet about the daily diet of your puppy. Don’t make changes in your puppy’s diet as it can create problems for the puppy’s health. If you think you should change the diet, do it gradually and after consulting with the vet.

Things you need for Chiweenie puppies

There are some things that you need for your puppy when you decide to take your puppy home. These things are necessary for the puppy.

  • Bowls
  • Crate
  • Toys
  • Brush for grooming
  • Shampoos
  • Nail trimmer
  • Other tools

Find reputable breeder for Chiweenie puppy

If the breeder is asking a high price for a typical puppy, then it does not mean that your puppy will be healthy and perfect. You have to do your research to find the reputable breeder. After you have found the reputable breeder, and finally you are going to buy the puppy from him, there are some questions that you must ask for your satisfaction. Ask the breeder if the puppy and his parents had any health issues in the past. Also, request to see the parents of the Chiweenie puppy to confirm the health and fitness. Ask him to show the vaccination and health evidence of the puppies. Ask the breeder about the puppy’s energy level, behavior, and other related things.

Chiweenie puppies for sale

The following content will you finding and buying the Chiweenie puppy in your area.

Chiweenie puppies for sale near me

If you are looking for a Chiweenie puppy, then you can search on “Chiweenie puppies for sale near me.” The will give you the results according to your location and then you can choose the reputable breeder among them, after doing your research.

Chiweenie puppy price

The price of the Chiweenie puppy depends on different factors. The price ranges from 200$ to 1000$. But be careful, the high rate is not the guarantee for the healthy and fit dog that you need.

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Picture Credits: Kaycee Cheyenne