Can my cat eat dog food?


Having a kitty as your pet is fantastic. Many people love to have multiple animals as pets. In such a condition sometimes, animal foods get mixed. Especially, when you have cats and dogs as your pets, cats try to grab a feed from the dog’s food bowl. So, we are going to discuss the most common question from the pet owners “Can my cat eat dog food“. According to experts, dog food is not suitable for cats. It can disturb the digestive system of cats. So, as a clear recommendation, the cat does not eat dog food. If you want to keep your cat healthy, keep her away from dog food strictly.

Why the cat can’t eat dog food?

Cats are carnivores and must eat meat for their endurance. Because of their small size stomach, they require six to seven small meals in a day. Cats also need high protein elements in their diet because their body cannot create essential proteins for maintaining their metabolism. The cat food contains a high level of protein and calorie so that eating a small amount of food can provide sufficient energy. Although dog and cat food contain almost similar ingredients, the nutritional value of both is far different due to the difference in their size and structure. Sometimes cats cannot manage high levels of some components that are usually good for dogs and become sick. Intake of dog food can cause serious health problems in cats. For more information on what you’re supposed to feed your cat, check out this cat feeding guide.

Dangers for cats in eating dog food

If your cat eats dog food once or twice, it hasn’t any severe effect. But if a cat continuously intakes dog food, then it can suffer from different deficiencies and encounters various health issues. As it is discussed earlier, that level of different ingredients in food matters for the health of cats or dogs. In dog food, there may be some ingredients whose high levels could be harmful to cats. For instance, semi-moist dog food contains high levels of propylene glycol, which is seamless for dogs, but in cats, it can cause health issues if taken in a significant amount. Dogs do not need plenty of nutrients, so their food is less nutrient concentrated.

What nutrients needed for cats?

Cats and dogs are quite different from each other. Dogs are omnivores while cats are a carnivore; it means cats need a high level of protein in their food. Low protein food can cause health abnormalities in cats.   According to animal health and food experts, cat food must include the following ingredients to maintain their health.

Protein and amino acids are the essential food ingredients and can be obtained from meat or fish. Taurine and arginine are crucial amino acids in cat food. Along with these elements, fatty acids, minerals, and water are also noteworthy elements of cat food.  The right balance of these ingredients guarantees cat health.

What if a cat eats dog food accidentally?

If a cat eats dog food accidentally once or twice, don’t worry, it’s not harmful to your cat. Because the ingredients are quite similar, this difference is in their amount and balance. So, once or twice, intake is not harmful to cats. But high intakes may result in health issues.