American Bully breeds and puppies everything you need to know


There is much to discuss in terms of features and properties when it comes to dogs’ breeds. Various dog’s breeds depend upon their features and characteristics. American bully is one of the most well-known dog breeds introduced in the United States as the unique breed liked worldwide. American bully breeds and puppies are sometimes misunderstood, so I want to clarify some aspects between the two.

In this post, we will debate the features of the  American bully breed  and puppies in detail, so keep on reading the valuable information.

Features of American bully breed and American bully puppies

The American bully breed and puppies come with a close, short, stiff texture and shiny plus glossy coat, as all the patterns and colors and patterns are liked and acceptable for the lovers of pets. The American bully breed is an outgoing, excited, confident, and stabled nature breed, as the animal is highly loyal, loving, and soft-natured towards people. The pet is considered the most obedient towards its owner, as it is intelligent and courageous too.


The American Bully breeds and puppies started in the mid-1990-s to create the complete family fellows. The American bully breeds have been produced in the past years using selective breeding with the required traits of AKC American Staffordshire Terrier and UKC American pit bull. Most breeds are a mix of other traits of bully breeds and some with non-bully breeds. The American bully breeds can be found in the origins of both coasts of East and West United States.


The American bully breed and puppy structure are typical of the common breeds of dogs. The American bully breed bears a medium length, broad skull, deep through, and very defined cheek muscles in addition to different stop and high set ears, as the ears can be either cropped or uncropped. The eyes of the American breeds and puppies are of all colors except albinism, as low down to the skull and round to oval in shape.

Moreover, the muzzle of the American breeds and puppies are of medium length and have a slightly square rounded on the upper side and fall away below the eyes. Both jaws, upper and lower, are well defined, and the under jaw is displayed to little biting power. The lips of the bully are even and closed, but some looseness is also acceptable to some extent but not preferred.


The American bully breeds and puppies are highly loyal and stable dog because it is full of life. The pet possesses the friendly, outgoing, and amiable temperament of an American pit bull and Staffordshire Terrier. It is essential to mention that this breed bears overwhelming eagerness to make its family happy and a high tolerance for the children. The most confident breed, yet not aggressive, comes with a charming attitude. Moreover, the breed can complete a wide variety of activities and tasks.

Health problems

Like humans, animals can have health problems that lead to severe results if not cured correctly and on time. Most bully breeders used steroids to their  American bully puppies  to offer them large muscular bodies. When they stopped giving these particular drugs, the pet’s body returned in its original shape and standard size. These can affect the dog’s health and result in many health issues. Sometimes, these drugs are inherited from the mother to the puppy.

So if you want to adopt the American bully puppy from the market, make sure to opt for the drug-free breeder.

Living conditions and exercise

American bully breeds and puppies need enough time for exercise regularly for better growth, including long and brisk walks on regular routines to retain the physical energy and mental growth. Likewise, both types can feel okay living in the apartments if they have experienced enough exercise. They can live better and be active indoors even if not provided with the yards. They can have better growth and health in warm climates.

Grooming and care

The animals are like humans, need attention as well as grooming. The American bully breeds come with a smooth and short-haired coat that is easy to take care of and groom. To make them happy and active, with the soft bristle brush, comb the fur of your pet regularly, in addition to bathing them with a dry and mild shampoo. You can also opt for the animal conditioner to eliminate the foul odor that dog breeds usually have. Drying and rubbing the coat of the bully breed and puppy with the towel can make the coat gleam.

American bullies are easy to train

Like other breeds of dogs, the American bullies and puppies are easy to train as they love their owners too much, and the task of training them becomes so easy. To train your bullies and puppies, you should put them in such tasks to ensure consistency in their attitude and behavior. You will find quickly that it is straightforward to train them according to your requirements and environments.

American bullies are perfect family dogs

Due to their environmental and human-friendly attitude, American bullies are the perfect option to make the family dogs. Being the loyal and loving breed, they do not bear aggressive behaviors; you should not be scared for your children to put them in the chances of risks while bringing up the American puppy in your home. This quality is the best to notice, making them a great family dog breed.

While upbringing this breed of American bully or puppy, you should keep in mind not to make them too aggressive because there are such breeds that have some issues with the other breeds. For that reason, you should be vigilant while bringing the American bully into your home if you keep other types of pets in your home.

Life of American bully and puppy

The life of the American bully breed and puppy depends on the care and attention you do for both. So if you take better care of your bully, your pet can live between 10 to 13 years with better health. To ensure the healthy life of your bully, it is essential to keep an eye on the common health issues of your pet and consult the vet if you have any issues related to them.

The health issues common in American bullies and puppies include Elbow, dysplasia, hip Dypplacia, Demodectic mange, Atopy, Cerebellar Abiotrophy, Ichthyosis, Cleft palate, or lip. The American bullies and puppies may have concerns; and gassiness, as this can be caused by various issues like food allergies, poor diet, and bad eating habits. To prevent the concerns of gassiness, it is essential to give high-quality food in regular routines.

American bullies and puppies are expensive

If you are fond of American bullies and puppies, you will not compromise on these, as the breeds are pretty expensive. But the cost of the dog depends on the buying purpose, like whether you want to purchase it as a pet, for a show, or to the breed. Most breeds of American bullies cost from $2000 and $7000 in most states of America.

Furthermore, the high-quality breed dogs that come with proven track records of unique and outstanding puppies can cost even more.

Sizes of American bullies and puppies

The American bullies have different recognized sizes by the ABKC, like standard, pocket, XL, and classic.

The size of standard male American bully ranges from 17 to 20 inches, and the  size of females  comes between 16 and 19 inches.

Being a pocket-size American bully, the male must be between 14 to 17 inches at the shoulder, and the size of the female must be between 13 to 16 inches. These sizes are the same characteristics and proportions as the standard American bully.

Extra-large American bullies are more massive than the standard size but come with the same build and structure. The size of males is between 20 to 23 inches, and females come between 19 to 22 inches.

Last but not least, the classic type of American bully has the same size as standard size bully but has a different type of build.

Frequently asked questions

How can I know that I have an American bully?

The signs of American bullies include short, close, stiff to the touch and glossy coat with a medium head and broad skull.

What are American bullies famous for?

The American bullies are known for their confidence and zest and vitality, robust appearance, and gentle and friendly.

What two birds make an American bully?

The bully breeds are descendants of ancient bulldogs and British terriers. The crossing breed of bulldog and the British terrier is Bull and terrier.


So from the features discussed above, we have learned a lot of things, and features of the American bully breeds and puppies as these are sweet and loving pets. Instead of judging the dogs by their appearance, we should look inside the muscular exterior. Some of the experts of owning an American bully and puppy include low grooming needs, the excellent family dog, great with children loyal moderate exercising requirements easy to train and ordinarily healthy.