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8 Most Dangerous Dogs Breeds in the World


Dogs are loyal companions to all. They are known to protect us from danger. They can judge our emotions and tell whether a person is sad or happy. Dogs are known to be extremely loyal and helpful. There are multiple breeds of dogs, but some of them are considered more dangerous than others. So, below we have discussed 8 most dangerous dog breeds.

1-Pit Bulls:

dangerous dogs

When we talk about the most dangerous dogs in the world, then bulldogs come at the top of the list. These dogs are the result of interbreeding between a breed of bulldog and terriers. As their name suggests, Pitbull was trained to go into the pit with incredible aggression and fight.


dangerous dogs

These types of dogs are located in Germany. Rottweilers are known to be powerful, and they have a strong set of jaws. They have the worst tempers and are not suitable to be called a family dog due to their aggressive behavior. Rottweilers have to be trained continuously if we want to avoid their aggressive reactions. Only those families are suitable for them where the owner is an amateur. Their aggressive behavior is due to strangers because they hate them.

3-Doberman Pinschers

dangerous dogs

They are brilliant and strong dogs. These types of dogs are very sensitive to sound. They also show very aggressive behavior toward strangers. They are very active, and their size plays a critical role to make them even more dangerous. If they are not properly trained, they can cause harm. They can sense any danger and react on their own and attack within a second.

4-German Shepherd

dangerous dogs

German shepherd dogs are located in Germany. They are very loving and loyal to their owners. They are very intelligent and consider as working dogs. Such dogs are trained to do many types of jobs such as guide and assistance work for police and drug detection. These types of breed are considered as one of the most popular dog breeds for good reasons. They need constant physical activities. Their main purpose is to take the danger down, and they can react immensely to any situation.

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These types of dogs are known as the South African Mastiff, and they are breeding for a single purpose that is of guarding and homestead. Such dogs are obedient, intelligent, confident, dominant, and territorial. Such dogs are highly sensitive about their people, and they take extra care of their owners. They have a biting power of 700lbs per square; that is why they are placed in the category of dangerous dogs.


dangerous dogs

These types of dogs are found in Germany. These dogs are known as hunters, and they are considered cute by many due to their small size. Such dogs need proper training, and once they are trained properly, they become pretty aggressive. While we are training them if we negatively handle them, then they can prove to be dangerous for us. They have attack many children which is why they are very dangerous.

7-Presa Canario

dangerous dog

These dogs are trained for taking care of livestock. Being dominant and strong nature are their two qualities. They are trained for fighting, and they are known in the world by the name of a killer machine. They can easily kill their prey, and we have to keep them socialize enough to maintain their calm.

8-Alaskan Malamute

dangerous dogs

It is known to be a sled dog. They are independent dogs that make it hard to train them. They have great survival instincts. The thing which makes them dangerous is that they become aggressive when they are bored. With regular workout, we can control their aggressive behavior.