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Boxer dogs are dominant and in the old days, they made excellent fighting dogs. But because of this dog’s friendly and bouncy nature, they now serve as one of the best family dogs. They are very energetic, silly at times and will never fail to amuse you.

Origin and History of Boxer dog

Boxer dogs have their roots in Germany where they used to serve as fighting dogs. They are successors of two, now extinct European dog breeds namely Danziger Bullenbaiser and Brabender Bullenbeisser. The primary purpose of breeding the Boxer dogs was to use them as fighting dogs.

Boxer dogs won their official recognition by AKC after 1900, and today this breed is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.

Personality and Temperament of Boxer

Boxer dogs come with an amiable and devoted character that makes them an excellent human companion and ideal family dogs. They adjust well with other animals in the house and are very playful with children. Boxer dogs can be aggressive with other dogs of the same gender so you might want to keep him on a leash when you take him out for a walk.

boxer dog

Boxer dogs are very fearless and can make excellent watchdogs. Despite their bravery and strength, they are sensitive at heart and always crave for their owner’s attention and love.

Pros. and Cons. of Boxer

  • Boxer dogs are highly intelligent and very easy to train.
  • They bring a lot of joy to the family with their bouncy nature.
  • Boxer dogs are sturdy and protective of their family.
  • They are very loyal to their owners and love spending time with humans.
  • Boxer dogs make excellent watchdogs because of their muscular physique.
  • PROS.
  • Boxer dogs may drool a lot which means frequent cleaning of the furniture and sheets.
  • These dogs are very prone to health problems, and cancer is prevalent among them.
  • They can be very dangerous if they don’t receive proper training.
  • Boxer dogs may exhibit destructive behavior out of boredom.
  • These dogs tend to fart a lot.
  • Physical Appearance of  Boxer

    Boxers are medium-sized dogs and come with a tight skin that highlights their strong muscles. The distinctive feature of this breed is their broad black muzzle which is one third the length of their heads. Boxer dogs come with an arched skull and a gouged forehead.

    boxer dog

    Boxer dogs have a black nose and big dark brown eyes. Their coat comes in shades of fawn or brindle, and most of these dogs have cropped ears.

    Taking Care of Boxer


    Boxers are probably one of the most playful and high energy dogs. You can’t fulfill their exercise needs to buy simply walking them in and out of the house every day. You will have to frequently engage them in physical activities that will allow them to vent the ample amount of energy that they have in store. These dogs love to jump, and games like flyball are ideal for them. If you are not a very active individual, then this bouncy ball of joy is indeed not the right dog breed for you.


    Boxer dogs are full of energy. Therefore, it is essential to train them to channel their energy positively. Though they learn quickly, they can easily get tired of routine training so make sure that you try your best to make training as much fun for your dog as you can. Boxers are very good at problem-solving and with the right kind of training; they can prove to be very useful for you. The Boxer dogs can make excellent search and rescue dogs, and they also serve to play drug detection roles.


    boxer dog

    Boxer dogs are very likely to become overweight, so you should pay particular attention to their diet and make sure they are not consuming too many calories. You can feed your dog either high-quality dog food or prepare him a healthy meal at home. Boxers require an adequate amount of drinking water so make sure to always have a bowl full of fresh and clean water for your dog.


    If you are one of those people who doesn’t want to spend too much time grooming their pet, then Boxer is the ideal dog breed for you. They come with a gleaming coat, and ideally, they only require grooming once a week. A Boxer doesn’t need frequent showers, and you will only require to clean him if he gets himself into something messy. You may have to brush his teeth daily and also try to cut his nails at least once every month.

    Living environment:

    Boxers can’t cope with extreme weather conditions, and they have a constant need for human companionship. Don’t leave your Boxer dog alone for too long as it will cause him to become very destructive. They love to spend time outdoors just as much as they enjoy spending time indoors, so you are going to have to build a secure fence for him.

    Health Concerns of Boxer

    Heart Disease – Heart diseases are genetic in Boxers and also very common. The most common heart problem in these dogs is Cardiomyopathy which takes away the ability of the heart to pump the blood efficiently. Boxer dogs who are two to five years old may also suffer from dilated cardiomyopathy which causes the heart to expand. The most fatal of all heart diseases is aortic stenosis which may result in the sudden death of the dog.

    boxer dog

    Eye Diseases – Although eye diseases are not life-threatening, they can still cause your Boxer dog a great deal of pain. Eye diseases destroy the corneal tissues of the eyes and affect the ability of your dog to see correctly.

    Stomach Bloating Like many other dog breeds, boxers to suffer from stomach bloating. This condition can cause the stomach to twist inside the body in a way that stops the blood from reaching other organs of the dog’s body. The most common signs of this disease are vomiting and loss of appetite.

    Buying a Boxer puppy:

    If you believe you are ready to buy a Boxer puppy, the following are the steps that you will have to follow:

    • Read about all the pros. and cons. of owning a Boxer dog and make sure you are capable of dealing with all of his highs and lows.
    • Go to a local breeder who is experienced and has positive reviews.
    • Tell him about all the traits that you are looking for in your puppy and ask him to show you the medical history of the parent dogs.
    • If you are satisfied with the medical history of the parent dogs, you can proceed with examining the puppies.
    • Make sure that you don’t pick a puppy that is inactive or shy away from you and instead go for an active puppy that has all the traits you desired.
    boxer dog


    Can a Boxer dog be dangerous?

    Yes, they can be dangerous if he doesn’t receive proper training as a puppy and each year many deaths occur because of brutal dog attacks.

    On average, how long do Boxer dogs live for?

    On average, Boxer dogs live for about 10-12 years.

    Is it easy to train a Boxer dog?

    Boxer dogs are brilliant dogs, and they learn very quickly, but you will have to make training fun for them.

    Can Boxer dogs adjust well with other animals in the house?

    Mostly Boxer dogs are okay with the presence of other animals in the house, but they can be aggressive towards the dogs of the same sex.

    How common is cancer among Boxer dogs?

    Every year, almost 38.5% of the Boxer dogs die because of cancer, so it tends to be a common health issue of these dogs.

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