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Everything You Must Know Before Getting a Golden Retriever


The Golden Retriever is one of the loveliest family dogs due to his cheerful and tail-wagging nature. He is adaptable to almost any kind of lifestyle and is very peaceful with other animals in the house as well. Though he is a very gentle dog, he comes with an athletic body and a tendency to chew on things.

Characteristics of a Golden Retriever:

If you are pondering about purchasing or adopting a Golden Retriever, you should know all about the following traits of this adorable dog breed:

Very Energetic Puppies

Golden Retrievers are very energetic puppies, and you will always find them romping and jumping around with excitement. If you have kids in your house or an ailing person, you should not consider getting a puppy. In this case, the best option will be to go for an adult dog as adult Golden Retrievers are calm and have a more settled temperament.

golden retriever

Keeping You on Your Toes

Golden Retrievers are very athletic dogs, and they are always looking for ailing person things to do in order to vent their energy. If you think simply walking them in and out of the house will be enough then you are wrong. They get tired of the same routine very quickly and might try to express their boredom by destroying things around the house. So if you want to keep a Golden Retriever happy, you will always have to come up with new activities to do with him.

Lots of Dog Hair

If you want to go for a Golden Retriever, you will have to make your peace with lots of dog hair on your clothing and furniture. They also produce a lot with him of dander and are not the right breed for people with allergies. Apart from shedding and dander, they also have a very noticeable odor which may be their boredom for some people.

Regular Grooming

Some Golden Retrievers need regular grooming because their coat comes with lots with lots. It is from shedding to comb out their tangles on a regular basis. You will also need to regularly groom the area around their private parts for sanitary reasons.

Health Concerns

The average age of a Golden Retriever is 11 or 12 years old. This is because of the serious health issues that this dog breed comes with. It is very common for Golden Retrievers to become a victim of chronic health issues in their old age. Some of the most common diseases in Golden Retrievers are heart disease, various bone and joint diseases, and in severe cases, epilepsy or cancer Chandler air conditioner pros do this. You should pay extraordinary attention to the diet of your dog to avoid some minor health issues. You can even come up with a homemade diet according to the taste and liking of your dog.

If you pay special attention to the upbringing of your Golden Retriever, you can noticeably avoid some of the negative traits that this breed of dogs may come with.

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