how to train your puppy

How to Train Your Puppy and Deal with Puppy Problems


People like to have different animals as their pets, but puppies are the most common pet because everyone loves small paws. Having a trained puppy as a pet is often like having a bosom friend all time with you. But this feeling comes when your puppy is in good relationship and communication with you. Let’s have a look into how to train your puppy that can give you lovely feeling.

It also enables you to deal with puppy problems that you may encounter in the future. It is essential to know what time is best to teach your puppy. A puppy’s learning starts with its birth and in early weeks of age puppies learn from their life experiences. Using this precious time you can train your puppy for the basic commands, for instance, come, sit, stand, down and stay, etc.

You can also attend classes to learn how to train your puppy and deal with puppy problems. But it is not mandatory, and you can do it by implementing your genius. However, always consult a veterinary doctor for the health and vaccination issues about your pet. The old training methods are now out of fashion because new and more effective training techniques have developed for puppy training.

how to train your puppy

Techniques used to train your Puppy

Whatever technique you are using for puppy training follow the fundamentals of pet training that discussed hereunder.


Dogs love to live in packs and follow their leader so when you think about how to train your puppy to keep it remember to become master of your puppy. It’ll be the greatest motivation for your puppy to make you happy. It’ll help you to deal with puppy problems effectively.

Consistency is the key

The next element in puppy training is consistency in the applied method. When you start learning how to train your puppy, you must now that your connection with the puppy and your reaction to the puppy’s act are main elements for puppy’s learning.

Maintain consistency in your responses towards puppy so that it can learn by repetition or reinforcement of actions. Puppy training is significant to deal with puppy problems and also avoid many of them.

Giving Reward will be fruitful

Everyone to whom you ask about how to train your puppy, will emphasis on prizes for the puppy during training. On every successful learning, there must be a reward to keep the puppy motivate. You can use food as a reward or treat, but it would better to have a variety of awards such as food, appreciation, love, and praise.

Gradually increase the extolment in compensation, and you’ll see your puppy will perform for getting your appreciation. In this way, you can manage and avoid many behavioral puppy problems and enhance your confidence to deal with puppy problems.

how to train your puppy

When they make mistakes, Correct them

Puppies often make mistakes, and their correction is very significant in how to train your puppy. Do not delay such corrections because your puppy cannot relate a correction or punishment with even a few minutes ago mistake.

Give your quick response to your puppy for making it realize the error. Use your sharp voice tone to indicate the puppy for the mistake. Effective corrections and mistake handling are the essences to deal with puppy problems.

Avoid hitting the puppy.

It is imperative to know that hitting your puppy never helps in training as the old training approach perceives. As I mentioned earlier that the early weeks of puppy’s life are significant for learning so, it seems ridiculous to beat such a small puppy for punishment. At this age praise and encouragement along with on the spot, correction can help more.