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Blue Nose Pitbull – Appearance Personality and Caring


A few days ago I attended a seminar on “pets and their care.” Here for the very first time, I heard about BLUE NOSE PITBULL. This name got my attention because of the word “blue” in it. Blue Nose Pitbull has a misconception about being brutal and violent, but in reality, they are so loyal, friendly and kid friendly. So it is the time to turn this concept around.

A blue nose pit bull is a most caring and obedient breed you will ever come across with. Though their name and appearance are little deceiving that may become a reason to keep you away from them, but if you ever spend some time with this breed, you may think about adopting one.

History and origin

The name “pit bull” is not just confined to one breed of dog. The only breed that initially used these words in the name is American pit bull terrier. Later on, other three breeds of this genetic started using this name which is the American Staffordshire, the Staffordshire bull terrier, and American bulldogs. This breed of the blue nose pit bull is a recent invention of dog breeders.

The breed of PIT BULL dogs got popularity during the 19th and 20th centuries in England and Ireland, where they were known as fighting and bull baiting dogs. In the mid of 1900s, they were brought to United states for the purpose of herding and guarding the cattle. In the United States, their appearance changed slightly, and they became even bigger and stronger than their forebears.

In the early 20th-century pit bulldogs were used in blood dog fighting, in addition to this, there was news about using these dogs against police and as attack dogs. On the other hand, pit bull dogs are also known as POLICE DOGS.

Currently, there are numbers of breeds which fall under the category of pit-bull dogs. Though they are the mix of different breeds and no one can easily identify their exact breed, they are recognized as American pit bulls. These dogs got popularity in the last 20-30 years peaked by 2009.

Personality and temperament of blue nose pit-bulls

As we all know that everybody treats us the way we treat them. Same is the case with other species in which dogs also lie. The bad reputation of being fight dogs and aggressiveness of pit bulls is the result of human involvement in their behaviors. Pit-bull dogs were used in fighting rings which created such an impression. In reality, this is not in their nature to be violent in fact they are so loyal, loving and obedient.

Pit bulls have emotions like human beings. They may get disappointed and feel sad if u ever shriek on them or can be jealous for not being the center of attention. Though these dogs are friendly and intelligent, no one can stop them from being aggressive when it comes to protection of his or her human family. They are very protective and securing for their owners.

The physical appearance of blue nose pit-bulls

Pitbull dogs are famous for their muscular body. They have a wide square shape head with broad and strong physic. Bluenose pit bulls have stronger jaw as compared to other breeds of the pit bull. Their weight usually varies between 30 to 50 pounds, but you may see a pit bull weighing 100 pounds as well. The average height of pit bull is 1.5 to 2 feet with soft, shining and sleek coat. They can be found in grey or a blue color having a white border on the neck.

red nose pitbull

Taking care of pit-bulls

Just like anything else pit bulls require proper care and attention for their grooming and growth. You must consider the following points in their routine work:


All pets need quality food and nutritious diet to spend a healthy life. Tough dogs don’t mind getting any kind of meal but whatever they get must be healthy and clean — the amount and quantity of food depending on age, weight, and activities. Pit bulls require more calories in their early years for development and growth. It will help if you feed your dog three times a day with commercial or homemade food. Wherever you get it from, it must be fulfilling the hunger needs of your dog.


Exercise is a must thing for these bulky and heavy dogs. They have a built-in level of energy in their nature which needs to be utilized and prosper by running and doing activities. If they don’t get a chance of physical activity, it will lead to aggressiveness along with lazy and lathy bodies.


As discussed above pit bulls are very friendly and obedient but, they may get jealous of other dogs. Sometimes they become violent and harsh to strangers. To avoid these problems, training is essential for them. It is easy to train and teach puppy pit bulls. They are so intelligent and good learner. You can train your dog by socializing them or by having training classes for dogs. Don’t delay in the training and start the training from the first day.


Pit bulls love to play and run. As a result, they get wrapped with mud and sweat. So, giving a bath on a regular basis is necessary. These dogs have a short and sleek coat and brushing it once a week is enough. Some important things to do for their grooming is brushing teeth, trimming nails and cleaning ears. These dogs often get eye infections, so eye checkup and cleanliness is an obvious thing to do.

Health issues of a blue pit bul

Illness and diseases are part of life. Although pit bulls are strong and healthy dogs, still they cannot escape from illness. This breed is a major victim of many serious diseases like a skin infection, heart problem, and grass allergy, etc.

Pit bulls can also be liable to suffer from improper functioning of immune and nervous system, deafness and poor vision due to lack of melanin in their bodies.

They may have problems of hair loss, itching or skin tumor.
If you are thinking about adopting a blue nose pit bull, get it from a well-reputed breeder. Take it to a veterinarian once a week for a proper checkup. If you ever notice a skin injury or unusual marks on the skin of your dog, immediately contact a vet specialist.

On the other hand, diet is a crucial thing in preventing many diseases. Providing nutritious food will help their immune system to fight against diseases, making their coat sleek and strong to avoid skin problems along with strengthening their muscles.

Buying guide for blue nose pit bull Puppy

After knowing the qualities and characteristics of a blue nose pit bull, you may get excited to get one for you and your family. If so, then keep in mind that you buy it from a good breeder who takes care of their health and training. Due to their strong body and aggressive looks, many breeders treat them inhumanly which makes them violent stay classy. The price of a good breed blue nose pit bull may start at $1000 and sometimes reaches the level of $4000. If you are a busy person, then you may check these top Mobile apps for dog owners.

red nose pitbull

If you are buying this dog as a watchdog, then think about some other option because they are so friendly and not a good fit for guarding. They can be long lasting companions with their love, loyalty, and obedience.


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