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Canis Panther Dog breed Information and Pictures


The Canis Panther looks like a black panther. The black short-haired coat, muscular body make the breed frightening. If you haven’t heard about the Canis Panther, you may have heard about the Scorpio Jones. He is the breeder who first bred this dog breed.

The primary goal before creating the Canis Panther dog breed was to make an excellent guard dog for personal protection. This healthy and large dog breed is loyal and affectionate to their owner but is extremely aggressive towards the strangers. If you have other pets and you want to control his aggressiveness, then early socialization is must for the Canis Panther. The breed is easy to train and are excellent learners. These are low-maintenance dogs that need a little bit of maintenance, but early socialization in is must control aggressiveness.

The Canis Panther dog breed was created by mixing the four different dog breeds, but it can now be recognized as a purebred. They are not recognized by significant dog kennel club still.

Origin and History

Can you believe that the Canis Panther dog was developed using the four different dog breeds? Sounds strange, but it is true. The dog was produced by the Michael “Gypsy” Stratten, Cleotha “Scorpio” Jones, and Lucas Lopez using the Black Labrador, Doberman Pinscher, Black Great Dane and the Staffordshire Terrier in the 1970s. All three breeders were personal trainers. They were living in the inner city, and they felt that they don’t have any dog breed that is fit for protection purposes. Canis Panther was originated in the USA. They wanted to make the make the best guard dog using these four dog breeds for personal protection.

The dog was developed to be a guard dog, intelligent, healthy and robust muscled. This dog was named as Canis panther because he hunts panther, but his breeder chose this name to make breed sound frightening.


  • Excellent Guard Dog
  • Less Grooming needs
  • Very fewer health problems
  • Available at a low price.
  • Loyal and affectionate dog breed


  • Extremely aggressive dog
  • Can be dangerous for the strangers
  • Not good for small children


Dog Type/Group

These dogs are guard dogs designed for personal protection.


canis pnther

The purpose behind creating this dog breed was personal protection, so it was their goal to make the large dog, and they crossed the large giant dog breeds. The Canis Panther is a large dog with large and strong legs. The coat has small hairs. The strong head is with muscled jaws and is perfectly shaped. The dog has a long muzzle. Their coat is short. The tail is usually docked to the quarter of its length.


The color of the Canis Panther is ordinarily solid, and they include grey black and brown. The belly or chest can be white in some dogs.


The Canis Panther is a large breed with large and comparatively thin but healthy legs.

The height of the Canis Panther is 26 to 32 inches for male and 25 to 28 inches for the female.


The weight of the male Canis Panther is 120 to 145 pounds, and for the female, it ranges from 80 to 100 pounds.

Temperament of Canis Panther

I will explain Canis Panther’s temperament in two sections. Number 1, the behavior with the owner and Number 2, the behavior with the strangers.

Owners and House members

The Canis Panther is very loving, affectionate and sensitive to its family. These dogs are hardworking and are easily trainable. He loves his family members and considers himself a part of the family. The Canis Panther is a good athlete, and he loves the fun. They love their family and behave aggressively if he thinks that his family is in trouble. The purpose of this dog breed was to create such guard dog. The Canis Panther is an excellent guard dog.


The dog breed was made for purpose protection. He can protect the family as it is a healthy breed and is aggressive enough. When they are presented with a potential threat, they are incredibly protective.

Early socialization is a must in this regard so that they can differentiate between the friend and enemy. Especially when the dog is with young children and other animals. This will help to control the Canis panther’s aggressiveness.

The dog is not for the new owners as it requires experienced handling and wants proper training and socialization. They can be more aggressive if not given enough time, care and exercise.


Health Problems

I have been researching and writing about the dog breeds for many years, but I have not seen a dog with such fewer health concerns. As the Canis Panther is a rare breed, there are no health concerns known for this breed. However common dog breed diseases like hip dysplasia, ear, and eye problems can be found in the breed. However, the regular vet checkup is recommended for every dog breed

Living Conditions

The Canis Panther must be kept inside because their fur is too short. They should not be taken outside in hot weather and also in the cold weather. In the normal weather, there is a benefit if they have a large yard beside your house for running. Where the dog will run and play with you.

Living with Children and other Pets

The Canis Panther is an aggressive dog, but if he socializes in an early age with the pets and young children they can be friendly and affectionate. This can be useful in creating closer bonds between them. Also, teach the children how to play and touch your dog.

The Canis Panther dogs can be highly aggressive towards the strangers because they are protective guard dogs. If properly taught, they can differentiate between family members, new peoples, and the enemies.

Taking Care


The Canis Panther does not need a lot of exercises. He needs a full yard for running and a daily one hour outside walk is enough for him. He does not require heavy exercise. The Canis Panther enjoys the games like Frisbee etc. The running inside the protected yard is enough to keep his muscles toned.

As you know that they have a short coat, so do not take them outside in the hot weather. And also be careful about them in the cold weather.


Canis Panther is an intelligent dog, and if you train him with some patience, it can be a very process. The dog is loyal and wants to follow his owner’s instructions. This makes them an easy to train dog. Beginning the training at the early age will be beneficial for training. Early socialization by introducing the new peoples, places, and animals to the Canis Panther along with discipline training. Training sessions must be short and without excessive repetitions so that the dog remain interested.


Read the following instructions for Canis Panther’s grooming;

  • Their coat is short and fine, so the grooming should not be a big problem.
  • Bathe them only when needed after every 50 to 60 days.
  • Brush their coat several times a week.
  • If you bath them frequently, it can remove their natural oil in the coat.
  • Brush Canis Panther’s teeth regularly to avoid tooth decay and other diseases.
  • Check their ears and if the extra wax is found, clean it.
  • Clip their nails if they got too long.


Canis Panthers need high-quality dog food comparatively more than other small and average dog breeds. The breed is high maintenance in case of food. You have to be careful about their food and provide them quality food according to their needs. The amount of food to be given depends upon age, activity level and health of the dog. An average dog will eat 6 to 10 cups of dry food daily.

The things to keep in mind while feeding your Canis Panther are;

  • Do not feed them more than their will and needs.
  • Exercise is a must to burn extra calories.
  • Give them high-quality food that fulfills all nutrients needs.
  • Do not give them unhealthy food.
  • Give them food on time at least two times a day.
  • Give them enough water to drink

Canis panther

Buying a Canis Panther

Canis Panther Puppy Price

The average price of the Canis Panther puppy is 1000$. Do not buy the puppy from the puppy mills and pet stores. Ask for the puppy’s health and other necessary questions about his health and energy level.

You can also adopt the puppy from the shelters and rescue centers. It will cost you less between 50$ to 400$.


Is Canis Panther Recognized by AKC?

As of yet, the dog breed is not recognized by any major dog breed club or society. The Canis Panther is recognized by the PPDA (Personal Protection Dog Association) and DRA (Dog Registry of America INC.)

What is the Litter Size?

The litter size of the Canis Panther is 4 to 6 pups.

What is the Lifespan of Canis Panther?

The lifespan of the Canis Panther is 10 to 12 years.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a large guard dog and can give him good food properly if you have enough time so that you can take Canis panther for a walk with you daily. If you do not have small children and the small pets in your home. Then this dog breed perfectly fits you.

Picture Credits: CVC veterinary, Animalso, Molosserdogs

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