separation anxiety in dogs

How to deal with separation anxiety in dogs


Have you ever felt threatened when someone leaves? This feeling is your anxiety that is caused by separation; particularly from someone important or a guardian. However, it is not only humans that go through this, dogs too have feelings such as separation anxiety, and it can result in major consequences if not dealt with properly and at the right time.

Separation Anxiety

Some dog owners unknowingly encourage their dog’s behaviour when they leave to go somewhere and give the dog rewards for their absence. Then dog owners make a constant habit of taking their dog everywhere with them when they are puppies but leave them at home once they reach a certain age. But what people forget is that at that age dogs want their dog owners’ attention the most.

This stressful behaviour can also be caused by lack of exercise and boredom. A certain breed of dogs have certain natural instincts, and if they are kept away from them, then this can end badly. Dog owners should learn to nurture their dogs.

Which thing can cause Separation anxiety in your dog

If the dog cries, you pick it up. The dog is rewarded for its crying. If the dog is acting disruptive, you treat it with a snack which means that the dog got rewarded for being disruptive. Dog owners’ should learn to reward the desired behaviour only. We need to teach our dogs to be disciplined and teach them to stay calm. Only that behaviour should be rewarded.

When you take your dog out to socialize, you should not constantly interact with it and let it learn to be comfortable with its toys. The dog should also be taught to accept the crate. They should be allowed to explore it under proper supervision and learn the environment that he lives in.

separation anxiety in dogs

How to deal with Separation Anxiety

Now the question arises, what we can do about it as dog owners? You can go to vet, and they may prescribe or recommend drugs, but drugs can calm the dogs for a small period only, for the treatment to last a long time; the root cause has to be disposed of. The dog owners’ from the beginning reward their dogs for undesirable behaviour.

Crate Training

One way to help your dog get rid of separation anxiety is to help it get crate trained. A crate is a place where your dog is supposed to feel the most secure and comfy. You should feed him in the crate and increase the time he spends inside to make him disciplined.

Let your dog spend time with toys

Another thing you could do is to buy him toys that will be able to capture his interest while you are away. These toys are developed to entertain.

Change your routine

What you could also do is try to change your routine. Dogs are intelligent beings that pick up on your habits quite fast and for you to want change in your dog’s habits might mean that you would have to change yours too. If you get up and your dog gets up too, sit back down. Use a different door, surprise your dog. Your dog does not have to follow you everywhere. Break that habit of your dog.


Every problem takes its time to be resolved. Separation anxiety too can be dealt with; but only if you decide to put your efforts in. For change always starts with you and stress is bad for everyone even if it is your dog. Some dogs overcome this quite quickly; others take time, so you have to be patient. Developing boundaries, practising obedience, changing lifestyle and proper leadership is the essential things required to make your dog separation anxiety-free.

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