Understanding the Distinct Traits of American Akitas


Understanding the Distinct Traits of American Akitas

The American Akita, often simply known as the Akita, is a magnificent breed that has been captivating dog lovers in the United States for decades. Known for its unique traits, the Akita is a breed like no other. This article seeks to provide a comprehensive understanding of the distinct traits of American Akitas, by exploring their physical attributes, personality, temperament, and health specifics.

Physical Attributes of American Akitas

The American Akita is a large and powerful breed, with an imposing presence that commands respect. They stand at an average height of 24 to 28 inches and typically weigh between 70 and 130 pounds. This breed is a visual delight, with a head that’s broad and deep, and small, deep-set eyes that show a glint of alertness. They have a thick, double coat that can be any color including white, brindle, or pinto. This dense coat gives them a bear-like appearance.

One particular trait that separates American Akitas from their Japanese relatives is their physical structure. Unlike the Japanese Akita, which has a fox-like face, American Akitas have a more bear-like face. Additionally, where the Japanese breed is slimmer and lighter, the American Akita is heavier and more robust.

Personality and Temperament of American Akitas

Beyond their physicality, American Akitas are treasured for their personality and temperament. They are fiercely protective, making them excellent watchdogs. Their loyalty to their family is unwavering, but they can be aloof and reserved with strangers. This breed is known for its dignified and courageous nature.

American Akitas are intelligent and willful dogs. They thrive in a household that offers consistent, firm, but gentle leadership. Training should be both engaging and challenging to keep them mentally stimulated. They can be dominant or aggressive towards other dogs, especially with the same sex, but early socialization can curb this trait.

Despite their tough exterior, American Akitas can be surprisingly affectionate with their families. They are known to follow their favorite people from room to room, offering their unwavering companionship. They are also patient and kind with children, making them a great addition to families.

Health Considerations for American Akitas

Like any breed, the American Akita comes with its set of health considerations. They are generally healthy but can be prone to certain breed-specific conditions such as hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), and autoimmune disorders.

It’s worth noting that their thick coat requires regular grooming to keep it in optimal condition. They shed heavily twice a year, during which daily brushing might be needed.

Regular exercise is crucial for this breed. They are energetic dogs and a sedentary lifestyle can lead to obesity and its associated health issues. A combination of physical exercise, such as daily walks or play sessions, and mental stimulation, such as training or puzzle toys, works best for this breed.


The American Akita, with its unique mix of physical attributes, personality traits, and health specifics, makes for an exceptional pet. These dogs require a dedicated and understanding owner who is willing to invest time in their training, socialization, and care. In return, they offer unwavering loyalty, protection, and a lifetime of companionship. While this breed may not be suitable for first-time dog owners, for those who understand and appreciate the distinctive traits of the American Akita, the rewards are infinite.